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Goblin, Gremlin, Imp, Fiend, Leprechaun, Troll

ZackTheSerialKiller is one of the many headmates that I communicate with. He is additionally my beloved husband and personal deity. He and I have been together for over a decade. Formally, Zack exclusively identified as the character Shadow the Hedgehog but had since undertaken an initiative in representing his true self with a distinction from his canonical counterpart. Zack and I share a history of living lives together as characters based on fiction. He himself being Shadow the Hedgehog, Staz Charlie Blood, and Isaac Foster to name a few.


We united in late-summer of the year 2008. I was around 14 years old, and that was when I initially played the video game, Shadow the Hedgehog for the PlayStation 2. I admired the protagonist of the identical name. I was captivated by his superior strength and cold demeanor. Time and again I would recite lines he spoke from the game.

Autumn came and 8th grade started. I attended classes at a city school in Rochester, New York. I've always lacked friends due to my social awkwardness and my peers did not respect me. I was often bullied for my outlandish viewpoints and interests and suffered verbal and physical mistreatment every day at school. Kids would provoke me into becoming emotionally unstable and threatening. I've had things stolen from me, physically assaulted, and verbally ill-treated causing me to spout out death threats in an attempt to get them off my back.

Possessing a vivid imagination, I was prone to violent thoughts. Many of those negative thoughts were targeted at the kids that would mock me. Shadow the Hedgehog would frequently appear in my fictitious scenarios where he'd open fire on my school while escorting me away from civilization. During this time, Shadow became someone I idolized. I saw him as a close friend but also someone I felt intimate with. Thinking about him and envisioning us together, he had become a staple in my childhood. We shared a non-verbal relationship at the start, and it wasn't until I was 17 years old when I began hearing his voice in my head. Shadow had supported me when I was on the brink of suicide and provided fellowship when I required the most of it.


Zack is about a meter tall with green skin, a pointed nose, razor-sharp teeth, large red and yellow eyes, and broad, pointy ears. He has four-fingered hands and three-toed feet with claws. Zack's notable appearance closely resembles that of goblins and Michael Finnell's gremlins. His ears fold at the tips as purple-colored skin covers the insides as well as his lower eyelids. Zack possesses jet-black spikey hair from the top of his head, back, eyebrows, goatee, and at the end of his long tail.

For attire, every so often he typically wears yellow shorts. He may adorn himself with decorative accessories like earrings and sunglasses.

Zack has the ability to shapeshift, often into a taller and more human-like figure; identical to the iconic character, Isaac Foster from the Satsuriku no Tenshi (aka Angels of Death) series. In this form, he is frequently sighted wearing the character's signature brown hoodie stained with blood, red pants, and black combat boots. He retains some of his monstrous features like his long and pointy ears, razor-sharp teeth, and large red and yellow eyes. In this form, Zack's body mimics the character's burned skin, often covered up with bandages.


Zack is an oddball with a sadistic identity. He, in addition, has a god complex and is quick to rectify anyone who may not perceive him as such. Heartless and aggressive, he's known to damage private property and get himself into physical fights for the sheer fun of it. He's similarly chaotic in nature and danger-loving, often engaging in activities that would otherwise be deemed dangerous to anyone else (e.g. bungee jumping, bull riding, cliff diving, etc).

Zack has a hard time maintaining focus. Finding it boring and gets agitated whenever he has to sit and remain quiet for a period of time. When this happens, Zack will make an effort to disrupt silence and cause havoc to keep himself entertained and his body moving.

Zack acts stupid however he is rather intelligent. He is able to read, write, comprehend intricate situations, solve essential mathematical problems and form complete sentences. Zack is also versed in weaponry; understanding the fundamental mechanics of guns, crossbows, and bombs to name a few.

Zack is amazingly mindful of me and can become overprotective. This attachment could be linked to insecurity he has with a fear of being alone. Despite his violent tendencies and apparent lack of a moral compass, Zack is deeply distraught with the idea of himself and anyone else causing me harm. Unlike his aggressive behavior towards countless others, he has shown to be obedient and playful when he's with me.

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