Aeresa (2020 update) by Vosur

Aeresa (2020 update)


11 January 2021 at 20:52:34 MST

Aeresa (2020 update)

Artwork made by Kyanbu Kyanbu (they seem to be more active on )

You're probably wondering "Why does it say 2020 Update?" Well, to answer that: it was planned-out and mostly complete by 2020, some minor things to be tweaked that crossed-over the year threshold, so I'll keep both forms together for organizational reasons (if I do another update this year, I wouldn't want confusion).

And onto the stats:
Age: 30
Height (Semi-raised heels): 5'6" (1.68 meters approximate)
Weight : 160 pounds (72.6 kilograms approximate)
Equipment (built-in): Wrist-mounted plasma blade emitters (upgraded to be more 'hidden' than previous versions, forearm-status displays removed); cybernetic enhancements to multiple limb areas to include: shoulders, neck, elbows-to-hands, legs, and tails; cybernetic enhancements to vision to allow for thermal, low-level-light, and magnetic-resonance-imaging along with standard color vision.

Bio: By this age, Aeresa has started to see flaws in herself, learning to overcome them and adjust herself as well, but she still has quite a temper to deal with. She too also is starting to become less-dependent on the sharp heels, but keeps them elevated a bit for her mental comfort.

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