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26 December 2012 at 21:00:44 MST

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Shetani is a king cheetah who lives with her partner, a rat named Mika, and their pet kitten. The lot of the cheetah is to endure despite the many hardships life throws at them, and Shetani is no exception to this. Her kind heart and dependability are not to be mistaken for weakness; years of stress have left her with a low tolerance for nonsense, and she becomes downright fierce when the situation warrants. Though she has many casual acquaintances, there are but a handful of close friends she trusts deeply enough to be her true self around. Once one gets to know Shetani better, her initial demure and polite demeanor gives way to reveal a quick wit and unexpectedly sarcastic sense of humor. At a gathering, she's most likely to be found perusing the host's reading material, gushing over any pets present, or hovering near the refreshments providing a muttered dry commentary on the other guests to her plus-one.

Shetani finds that the "nerdy" label fits her quite comfortably. Her hobbies include reading, cosplaying, playing video games, listening to My Chemical Romance, maintaining her myriad of collections, and caring for animals - she particularly loves cats! Much of her day is spent managing a cat cafe, renowned in the community for its exotic teas and baked goods freshly made by Shetani herself. Nothing helps her wind down after a long day at work like some games or internet time and a nice hot cup of tea, followed by a bath bomb in the tub.

SShetani's fashion sense is all about casual comfort. She practically lives in band tees or hoodies and leggings - her wardrobe has a legging color or pattern to match each of her many vintage My Chemical Romance tops. Summertime sees Shetani switch to cutoff shorts, with or without tights, and she loves to dye her long wavy hair in bright colors for extra flair. Because of her non-retractile cheetah claws, she doesn't wear shoes unless they're modified to accommodate (the only exception is cosplay). She relishes wearing goth attire for a night on the town, and with her naturally black lips and claws, she just needs to throw on some eyeshadow to accentuate something like a black bell-sleeve top, corset, and velvet pants with open-toed paw boots. She sleeps in matching pajama sets or a nightgown, and wears a one-piece bathing suit for swimming.

Note: she is NOT to be drawn unclothed unless I (the commissioner) specifically request it. Nudity on this ref sheet is for clarity of markings and body type only.

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