Void Walker (2) by Jin the Thicchimera

Void Walker (2)

Jin the Thicchimera

20 March 2020 at 20:54:07 MDT

Void Walker (2)
Beyond measure
Beyond measure
Eldritch/cosmic deity

"The creature is shaped, but there can be no restriction or containment. Its power is vast, beyond measure, and is only given form as it anchors in the world through flesh and blood. The thing had no name, for it needed no language. Nevertheless, everything became clear to me, and the wordless pact was struck. The black beast is as debilitating as it is robust. Living, half metal weapons arise from the blinding light that dances among the radiant flames within the forge at the epicenter of cosmic unrest... protecting their darkest creator."

  • Extremely fast shapeshifting : Void Walker’s default size is that of the moon, but can change its mass size (up to be as big as the sun), shape and type (i.e. liquid-like, sticky, stretchy/elastic, or hard-solid), as well as its tentacles' size and length, in as much as only seconds. It can also grow thorns and spikes along its tentacles for even more lethal attacks, when needed ; in this case, it's almost instantaneous.
  • Darkest Ichor : Essentially Void Walker’s “blood”, completely pitch black, and does not show reflection. Extremely corrosive and acidic, can melt even diamonds and golds. This dangerous substance can be concentrated in the thorns along its tentacles. In true eldritch horror nature, Void Walker is also able to even "infect" inanimate objects. By using its blood to creep over the surface, it seemingly consumes or dissolves into them, turning them into twisted horror littered with its tentacles and eyes of tissues and flesh. These living nightmares can never be destroyed for good, and they'll always regrow sooner or later, forever defying the very rules of nature with the influence of the damnable creator's mere presence.
  • Darkest Miasma : Void Walker's energy, looking like black smoke. It weakens the target's resistance (i.e. natural immunity system against diseases/poison/bleeding, physical resistance against crowd-control, magic resistance against non-physical attacks, and mental resistance against mind-based attacks), drains their mana and stamina, and making them too physically worn out and mentally exhausted to endure. Void Walker can project the energy in the air and uses its tentacles to quickly whip at enemies. It's also able to create a pillar of concentrated energy for heavy debuffs at a single target, or a cloud/mist of miasma from its eyes, spreading out to affect multiple enemies.
  • Inhuman physical strength : Even without its acidic blood and accursed miasma, Void Walker is still an absolute monster on its own. With only a single tentacle, it can puncture a rock-solid planet of its own size through and through, clean off, then violently pierce the planet with thorns and spikes from its tentacle, shattering the planet into pieces. On another occasion, it can instead crush down or cut through the planet with its tentacle just as easily.
  • Near-indestructible durability : Regardless of its size and property (liquid, sticky, elastic, or hardened), Void Walker is seemingly invulnerable to all dangerous threats and hazards, even such in the cosmos. It can block the light energy beam from a quasar at point blank range without letting a single particle get through, block a black hole from passing through it, or even contain a supernova within itself, and remain perfectly unharmed. It's also even able to enter a black hole and reach the singularity, without being affected by the pull at all.

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