Jin by Jin the Thicchimera


Jin the Thicchimera

9 March 2020 at 02:31:04 MDT

670cm / 22' (not counting his hunched back or horns)
3,025kg / 6,670lbs

"Once again, the fire arises and the forge is reborn at the center of the cosmic constellation. Iron and steel becomes one with the heat, and great clashes echo in significance of the coming creations. From within, magic comes alive and joins force with the material world, with metal bent to the unrelenting rhythm of a beating hammer."

Jin is a blacksmith/enchanter with unmatched pride, passion and dedication (though sometimes a bit of obsession as well) for his career. For as long as he could remember, he has always been fascinated in the art of craftsmanship, and dreamed of becoming a legendary blacksmith, with his own reputation. He picked up enchanting as well, to improve the quality of his crafts. However, he always received mixed reviews and remarks. More often than not, he managed to somewhat impress his potential customers, but still lost them to other manufacturers in the end. Every now and then he would offer to make weapons for free, but his clients did not keep in contact with him for long after receiving the final products.
Jin decided to step up his game with the addition of weapons made out of pure magic energy, something he believed was never seen before. He succeeded in making his signature weapons, out of the raw energy of his own power, after countless trials and errors, but it was also when the lava of his forge finally died off. Jin planned to rebuild and upgrade it : magma of the earth core and the plasma of the sun, as the heat. In addition, he would have the frost moonlight to cool down the weapons and the electrical starlight to start the power inside them. However, his journey took an unexpecting turn.
At some point later on, during his sleep, he had a dream of his mother being in danger. Using his new and improved arsenal of weapons, as well as his "newfound power”, he went to the underworld to find and save her spirit. While his mission was successful, he was never the same again, and neither was his life… for better, or for worse.

"The entirety of metal flows deep into these carvings and through. The forge feeds itself upon physical materials and pure magic force that shapes this world. It has merely touched a spark of arcane energy, but it's now enough to break the barrier in between. Now, like me, it shall begin to understand all things as they truly are, in its own way."

  • Skilled Craftsmanship : Jin is highly experienced and efficient in his craft, so much that he can work with a variety of materials from traditional classic iron, steel, silver, to even gemstones such as ruby, emerald, topaz, etc. Weapons made of pure gemstones are no strangers for him. He is also able to craft gemstone skulls and build them into weapons as well, if the client wants, with equally impressive durability.
  • Magic Enchantment Expertise : Jin has a strong affinity to magic that allows him to bind magical energy to weapons to improve their full potential, including firearms and even high-tech ones (i.e. light sabers). His expertise with this practice allows for the enchantments to be permanent and never run out, but he can also replace or remove them without affecting the base quality of the weapons at all.
  • Magic-made-manifest (MMM) Mastery : Jin's more impressive skill is that he can forge pure, raw magic energy into physical weapons themselves. His first successful inventions were from his own power, which are now his signature weapons and armors. Jin's mastery and affinity with magic allows him to craft weapons out of energy of even gods, a feat never before thought to be made possible by a mortal. He is also able to remove the magic energy from such weapons made in this manner, with the weapons simply turning to a "base" variant of them instead of being destroyed.
  • Weapon Summon Specialist : Jin’s signature magic and fighting style, where he conjures ethereal/corporeal melee weapons from his arsenal out of thin air in the blink of an eye to attack. These weapons range from daggers, knives, long swords, katanas, great swords, to axes, hammers, maces, spears, scythes, shields, and many more in between (but not fist-worn weapons like claws, knuckles or katars). Jin often employs this magic to overwhelm his enemies and give them no quarter to fight back, or escape. His signature moves include summoning numerous daggers and linking them together into chains to whip at enemies, or forming swords together into shurikens.
  • Firearmbidexterity : Jin's hunched-back anatomy and tusks make it extremely awkward, if not outright impossible for him to use guns like normal. He can only fire from the hip (with two-handed rifles) or aim down the iron sights far away from his face (with handguns, some shotguns, and SMGs), thus he's only effective in short-medium range. However, his strength completely negates the recoil and allows him to maintain accuracy.

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