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3 October 2019 at 16:16:41 MDT

2m (can change height)
80kg (can change weight)
Latex goo wolf

Heyo guys

Decided to introduce you to a fursona who I have been kinda working on for a long time.


Likes: Pain, drinks, being playful, seducing, teasing friends(not in a mean way tho),Stella, eating

Dislikes: Rude people, fighting, people being scared of him, Stella being hurt or in danger

Personality: Lykaon is a person who is rather cocky sometimes and can overestimate himself causing
himself some trouble. Has a mind of child a bit since he is an experiment and doesn't know too much
about the world he is curious and has a bit problems with what is good and what is bad.
Over protective over the people who are close to him, especially over stella who saved his life
Loves to be playful and tease others a bit.
Has masochistic tendencies but hides it.

Physical appearance:
Looks like a male and rather muscular wolf.
Has dark purple fur with white fur on the chest, also white fur around the muzzle and thin red
coloured ring marking around muzzle.
Has in a sense not really fur, is composed smooth and soft latex/rubber like organic stuff.
Black bluish sclera and yellow iris
Body tends to sometimes drip

Hobbies: singing, sculpting, ice skating, drawing

A natural ability he was born with is elasticity due to of what his body is composed of.
It allows him to change shape,size,viscosity etc.
Is REALLY flexible since he has no bones
He can for example liquify himself to get through narrow spaces or cracks.
Is capable of stretching all body parts,inflate or flatten them with nearly no limit making him
extremely dangerous.
Due to his rubbery and gooey nature, blunt force aka physical attacks don't harm him.
Capable of assimilating other creatures but chooses not to due to personal reasons and
finding it evil and disgusting but he sometimes goes into a trance at night where he tries to consume,
obviously he is not himself at these moments.


Cool temperatures don't kill him but disable his abilities.
Is weak to magic but it depends what magic it is since there are some types of magic
He can absorb.
Backstory: Lykaon is the result of an experiment terribly gone wrong, since most of the lab he was
born from was destroyed , he decided to flee and into the unknown and big world. As he wandered
around he reached a town and searched for help but was only met with faces struck with fear and
rejection causing him to run away.
As he continued to wander around and collapsed, he was found by an astralin named stella who
caried him to her house and cared for him . At first he was worried that she would judge him but she
didn't judge him at all and treated him very well causing them to bond strongly together. From that
day on he swore to protect her with his life, even though stella is good at fighting herself.
Lykaon lives with stella now.

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