Diana (Wolf Form) by Saharikya

Diana (Wolf Form)


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Diana (Wolf Form)
About 900 sonnas old, actual age is unknown.
6'1" / 185.9 cm
137lb / 62.1 kg
Kemonomimi Wolf

Pronunciation: 'Dai-a-nah'

Nickname: Diane, Mother Nature

Full Name: Diana Alahatay

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Alignment: Good

Occupation: Queen of Legendaria | Mother Nature

Species: Light Angel

Primary Elements: Nature

Sub Elements: All Nature Elements

Default Element: Plant Manipulation

Special Ability: Leadership

Location: Unknown

Birthplace: Uncharted Territory

Earth Birthday: November 24th

Legendarian Birthday: Anoxi 18th

Favorite Color: Green

Item: None

Weapon: Bow and arrow, which she rarely uses.

Married: Shahryar

Height: 6'1" / 185.9 cm

Weight: 137lb / 62.1 kg

Relatives: Shahryar [Husband] Amber, Noelani, Maria [Daughters] Willow, Skye, Mario [Sons]

Stories: Guardians of Legendaria

Voiced By: HetemSenar

Favorite Activities: Not really known to many, though she personally enjoys her time alone, using and practicing her magic, and getting lost in forests and the Alovian Ruins.

Likes: She loves the peaceful bliss of nature. She also loves to tease people, especially Shahryar and Felicity.

Dislikes: She really hates villains, rulebreakers, and those who seek to disturb the peace. She is slow to trust even former troublemakers and evil-doers who wish to change for the good. She is not likely to forgive people for their evil-doing.

Personality: She is Adamant and kind, though anyone who conflicts with her morals of kindness may invite an unforgiving side to her.

Fun Facts:

  • When I originally designed Diana, she was very unforgiving and somewhat mean. It would have made her seem unique among the royals, especially as a queen.

  • Even though she can use all of the Elements of Nature, she lacks charisma, stamina, reflexes, accuracy, and evasion.

-She is not a goddess, even if most people consider her one. She maintains nature in many different worlds, granting her the nickname “Mother Nature” by some.

-Unlike Maggie, Diana always has her wings.


Diana is queen of Legendaria, with higher authority than many other royals. She is married to Shahryar, who eventually asks her to give Maggie the Element of Nature. Diana typically is very protective over the powers she has, but has enough trust in her husband to abide to his wishes, though she finds herself constantly checking on Maggie. She appoints Felicity as Maggie’s spirit guardian to keep an extra eye on her, and to make sure that Maggie remains safe, as well as her powers.

Diana can shapeshift to all animals that appear naturally (nothing summoned, and no anomalies). Examples may include canines and felines from Earth. She also cannot shapeshift into mythical creatures such as dragons. She cannot use multiple elements during her shapeshifted form, and she loves taking on the form of a wolf more than anything. She is rarely seen as another creature by choice.

Diana has a difficult time forgiving former villains. She does not believe in change to a point where they are to be forgiven for their transgressions, and believes that they are very easily driven back into an evil state of mind. However, she does her best to only punish after a crime.

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