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10 August 2019 at 21:11:32 MDT

5' 2"
140 lbs.

On the planet Astria, a young aqua colored seedrian was born. Their parents weren't sure what gender they were, so they just called them an intersex. This seedrian would become Artie(though they had a different unknown name at the time). For their first decade of life, the young seed grew up carefree. However, this perfect life would be taken from them.

A criminal boss named Viola descended upon Astria and soon found Artie's home. She beckoned them to bring her some 'volunteers' for experiments where she was working to create super soldiers and assassins. None of the seeds volunteered and Artie hid and ran. Viola told her miniature maid robots to exterminate the town citizens. After the carnage, the robots found one lifeform still alive. Viola eventually found Artie's hiding place and she saw potential in them. Viola took Artie to her space palace.

Over the next decade, Artie worked as an assassin for Viola, being trained in weapons and stealth. During a mission where Artie was critically wounded, Viola managed to find them and saved their life by giving them cybernetics. Viola also officially gave them the call sign of 'Artie', after the cybernetics were installed. However, during missions, Artie began to feel emotion and sympathy for their victims due to past missions and was hesitant to kill more people for Viola. Viola solved this by having Artie's mind wiped after every mission.

Artie was a complete wreck at this point, a victim of Viola. But they weren't alone. Another seedrian, named Izzy, who was turned into a hybrid artink by Viola using ink from an inkdrian that once served Viola, saw what was happening to Artie. Like Artie, she also had her family taken from her by Viola, and when she was turned into an artink, she lost all memories of her former life. So one night she hatched a plan.

Izzy wanted to bust both her and Artie out of Viola's place. She made sure no one was awake and made her way to Artie's room. She woke them up and told them that the two of them were getting out of there. After fighting through Viola's security, the two managed to find a spaceship in the palace's hangar and used it to escape to a distant planet.

When Viola learned that Izzy and Artie had both fled from here, she dispatched her best servants Cayenna, Lightning, and Thorn to track them down and return them to her. Izzy and Artie are now fugitives on the run from Viola, trying to make a new life for themselves and bring down Viola and her criminal empire once and for all.

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    Interesting profile! many beings, is Artie? Two, maybe?

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      Artie is just one being. Confusing, I know.