Hasky (year zero) by GTHusky

Hasky (year zero)


22 July 2019 at 22:18:36 MDT

Hasky (year zero)
8-10 (Canis Major years)
1.56mt / 5'1ft
100lb / 45kg
Siberian Husky Evocanis

So, I'm doing ref sheets (bios) of my characters. I know I've done these before, but since I now there is a comic, they have context and reason. I will be uploading them in between pages, and as new characters appear.

-"First is Hasky. Yes, this is a different Hasky, much younger, as she appeared in the first prologue pages of Project D.E. Husky was not born yet.

Hasky was so much different during these times. Shy, nervous as most of her race, and traumatized of that horrible event. She had witnessed the horrors of the evil machine race, as they rampaged through Canis Major the first time. Many lost their lives, including her family, except her brother Shamu.

The first time, the attack ceased by miracle. Just as the monsters appeared, they vanished. A very young Hasky and her brother did what they could to recover from that massive shock as it was unlike anything their race had ever experienced. There was evil out in space; there was evil out there to get them.

As the years passed, they met new friends and formed a small pack. Slowly they regained their happiness and soon everything came back to normal. Hasky even managed to bring hope for the future of their race, as she and one of her best friends, Chucksha, conceived. To much happiness, her other two friends Xy and Fibi managed the same.

It had been years, and just as the Evos finally seemed to recover from that horrible invasion, it... happened again. The day that Canis Major almost fell, if it wasn't for their furred saviors. That day, a new Canis Major was born. It was Year Zero. The day that the Evocanis would reemerge from the ashes of their colony and the blood of their brothers and sisters.

Hasky might've lost everyone that day during that second invasion, but she got up on her paws, stronger than ever. Hopeful as ever..."-

Character and art by me

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