Akira Drillfoot by The 496th Silverbolt

Akira Drillfoot

The 496th Silverbolt

4 July 2019 at 10:47:00 MDT

Akira Drillfoot
6ft 3in
Western dragon

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name Origin:Her name is Akira, but Drillfoot's been a nickname she's had since birth, so she's sometimes referred to as Drillfoot. It's also a sort of unofficial middle/last name for this reason. See, for up to a couple of months or so after birth, 'Drillfoot's' toes were apparently stuck together in such a way that made anything that saw her make them think of a drill, hence the nickname 'Drillfoot' appearing and still being used to this day, despite having other body parts that indicate drill-like features.
Length: 11ft 6in
Wingspan: 16ft
Other abilities: The drill on Akira's tail can in fact spin like an actual drill. Her claws and nose horn can do this as well. This makes activities like burrowing underground a bit easier.
Flying abilities: Akira's not the best flyer; she's much better at gliding than she is at flying and prefers not to use them unless they're absolutely needed (Due to acrophobia). She's not very experienced with swimming either. However, Akira does have a high endurance level when talking about her running capabilities, this being enhanced (or hindered) by her stubbornness and perseverance. Her average speed is roughly 20 miles per hour, with top speeds reaching the 50s or 60s.
Behavior: A stubborn dragon, Akira’s first impressions of a creature make a huge impact on how she treats that creature. As soon as she sets her mind on a particular opinion or thought, it’s often difficult to convince her to perform a different action. This can be especially problematic if she happens to pick a fight with another animal (Usually one competing for the same food source Akira is using), as it almost always seems to take more energy than necessary to fend the animal off. On the other hand, this type of focused behavior can grant her extra patience she otherwise wouldn’t have when she’s hunting for food. Habits die hard with her, making it difficult for her to accept changes around her environment. Because of her past experiences with dragons, Akira is especially cautious around them. Despite such setbacks, her truthful and loyal nature is apparent towards friends of hers. She also has abandonment issues due to how little friends she had, if any at all, and even then, calling them “friends” is being generous.

Diet: Carnivorous. Akira prefers deer and other similar sized creatures, but may also eat insects, ground-burrowing animals, rabbits, and leftovers when times get desperate.

Misc: She likes anything to do with an underground-like world. Her favorite season is autumn (Blending in is easier for her), while her least favorite is winter (As Akira dislikes the cold and cannot blend in with especially snowy environments).
Bio: From the beginning, Akira Drillfoot’s appearance was not appreciated by the other dragons she hung around, including her parents. Her brown-dominated palate in combination with the otherwise light eyes, underbelly, and wings shocked her lighter, more brightly colored relatives and peers. The only thing that was vaguely beautiful according to her peers was her wings, of which the membranes of them would create a shimmer effect when in direct sunlight. Coming from a family that had a tendency to take pride in their beauty, Akira was badly affected by such comments from other dragons. This only magnified when her parents realized her acrophobia heavily influenced her training in flying. As such, bullying from other dragons combined with haphazard communication from her parents caused Akira to live on her own earlier than scheduled. She was then nomadic for several years up until she met Jaundice. Although they initially met because of a feud over food, the two creatures eventually became interested in each other due to somewhat similar pasts. By the time the two started to become friends, Akira's life started to become more bearable and easier to manage. Jaundice even eventually started to encourage her to get past her acrophobia. Whether or not her natural stubbornness will lead to her downfall in the future is another story entirely...

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