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8 June 2019 at 10:46:38 MDT

6' 7"
230lbs approx.
Drokk (Tha-ran race)

Based on a character who appeared in a recent dream. His story and name are so ridiculous that I had to bring him to life.

Real name: Daar
Nickname: "Kaboom" or "KB" for short.
Eye color: Violet
Skin color: Jet black
Build: Lean and athletic, skinny due to his youth
Finger and toe claw\ horn color: light gray, like bone
Incisors, canines, and premolars are sharp and pointed.
Drokk have no body hair.
Sexuality: Opportunist
Marital status: Single

Personality: Proud, brash, confident, sarcastic, cheeky, and hedonistic. Has a surreal sense of humor and enjoys sarcasm and non sequiturs. Daar also has a hidden vulnerable, insecure side, and doesn't hate humans as much as he may let on.

Born on Earth to Drokk parents, Daar grew up in rough conditions, learning the Drokk martial arts and customs from his parents as is usual for his species. His education was cut short at age 13, when he fell in with a crowd of rebellious, anti-human Drokk youths. Roaming the neighborhoods, Daar spent his time stealing from homes and scavenging while living in the forests outside of town. Leaving the gang a couple years later, Daar attempted to get out on his own, continuing to scavenge and steal, sleeping wherever he could.

One day he was caught attempting to rob the house of a local musician named Ty, telling Ty his is name is 'Kaboom' ("KB for short"), and if he wasn't allowed to live in the basement, he would blow up the house using explosives "implanted inside my torso", gesturing to scars on his sides (which were old surgical scars). Not believing him, Ty eventually lets him stay anyway in exchange for doing chores around the house, which KB usually found ways to avoid.

Other notes on KB:

  • Almost always wears a mask. He says it is because he "bites", but in actuality he is insecure about his bad teeth and damaged nose.
  • His spikes are shorter than average.
  • His clothes and accessories are cobbled together from whatever he can scavenge.
  • Most of his piercings were self-installed after joining his gang.
  • Despite his former gang's stance on humans, Daar has had a few human intimate partners.
  • Follows a strict daily workout regimen which dates back to his childhood.

Art by: https://www.deviantart.com/tashinakalmbach

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    I like him! I wonder what he looks like under the mask though.

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      Probably not as badly as he thinks he looks. I might have him drawn without the mask someday.

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        He needs some positive feedback on his face so he feels better about it!

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          His (future) human friends will help him out with that, once they trust one another.