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Queen Gana


7 May 2019 at 09:06:05 MDT

Queen Gana

Name: Gana of the Chimoba
Age: 50
Sex: Female
Height: 11 ft / 335 cm
Weight: 2200 lbs / 1000 kg

Species: Chimoba [therizinosaurus anthro]

  • body covered in feathers, surprisingly fluffy and light
  • has a long neck and beak for plant consumption
  • the defining characteristic are the giant claws that can grow even past forearm length
  • digitigrade legs that go directly under the body, not to the sides like on reptiles


  • rather savage, Gana only wears an ornate skirt and cloak held together by a few plant-fiber straps
  • she also has painted claws
  • a small swirly green stripe is drawn on her right arm
  • the claws on the thumbs are filed down to make picking up objects easier
  • only three fingers and toes per limb


  • simple minded
  • extremely loyal to her king and tribe
  • brutal fighter and protector
  • devout follower of Xiuhtecohot, crocodilian god of fire and light

When the Chimoba tribe was running low on resources, Gana saw the great trees in the territory across the river, territory that belonged to the Raomi. She ventured into it with a clever plan for someone as simple minded as her, to unite their tribes and work together for gathering resources: plants for the Chimoba and meat for the Raomi so they both can live together in harmony and support each other. She married the Raomi King, Lex, and now they rule United Larejia together.

0 Maniraptor Physiology
As a distant member of the maniraptor family, Gana gets the following natural abilities:

  • high strength and speed with a light weight build that make her surprisingly agile for someone her size
  • excellent eyesight
  • very fast reflexes

1 Wind Cynesis Mastery
The magical ability to influence surrounding wind without direct contact required, a gift of Tlalic, the god of the storm

  • huge mobility boost through the air, making her even faster and more graceful in motion than one of her size is expected to be
  • Gana's favourite attack is slashing and sending amplified pressure waves off her claws through the air to hit her target; while not dense enough to cut materials like her claws do, they still hit with a huge impact and stun most tresspassers just long enough for her to swiftly move in for the killing stab
  • if this fails or there's multiple targets, she can send forth high winds that can knock even the largest of prey off their feet
  • the spiral painted on her right arm glows when the power of Tlalic is channeled through her body

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