Dr. Diego Dennys Deinochutus by DJcroc2016

Dr. Diego Dennys Deinochutus


5 May 2019 at 15:38:42 MDT

Dr. Diego Dennys Deinochutus

Name: Diego Dennys Deinochutus
Age: ~40 biologically [~10,000 chronologically]
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3 ft / 190 cm
Weight: 198 lbs / 90 kg

Species: Roean pre-avian raptor

  • body covered in hard scales and feathers
  • long snout with sharp teeth
  • forward facing slit-pupil eyes
  • lacks mammaries [no nipples]
  • vestgial wing feather on arms
  • long fluffy tail with large fan structure at the end
  • digitigrade legs
  • terribly long curled claw on big toes


  • plucked bald head
  • wears glasses, not for helping with eyesight but because they make him look more attractive
  • occasionally seen with a fancy tie around his neck
  • usually shirtless and always barefoot


  • very haughty and loves showing off above all else
  • dominant and bossy, keeps giving orders and expecting everyone to listen to him
  • like being the center of attention
  • rather sadistic and a dark sense of humour
  • teasing and playful even with his enemies, can get uncomfortably touchy
  • very educated in paleonthology and biology
  • believes science and rationality is much more useful than magical thinking and chasing after gods
  • hates putting shirts on cause of his wings
  • depite generally loving physical contact, absolutely despises being poked in the belly
  • strictly carnivore and therefore loves eating meat, especially raw

Brought back to life after having been trapped in ice for thousands of years, Diego found himself in a completely different world. Despite being a savage at heart, he was a fast learner and quickly adapted to the modern world, slowly working his way up the education ladder and starting his own research and innovation business.
Most people are skeptical about his being an actual raptor and they assume he's just a very skinny archosaur in a feathery suit.

Powers and Skills:
0 Maniraptor Physiology
As a member of the raptor family, Diego gets the following natural abilities:

  • high strength and speed for his light weight that combine into super-agility
  • excellent eyesight
  • very fast reflexes
  • deadly sharp toe claw and teeth
  • specialised syrinx for making a myriad of sounds, including multiple "raptor noises" that other feral raptors can understand to follow his orders

1 Gunmanship
Diego's great reflexes and eyesight combined with lots of practice make him very good with firearms

  • usually carries a laser blaster that can incapacitate most enemies in one or two shots
  • occasionally he'd get more complex tools and device made to order to counteract or overcome his enemies' abilities [ie. super-punching electric gauntlets, high concentration tranquilizer darts]

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