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14 March 2019 at 21:02:21 MDT

Approx. 30 Years
Approx 5' 2"

2014 art, if anyone needs a slightly outdated refsheet for that weird reptomammal thing... here it is!
Totally forgot Weasyl has its own category for submitting character sheets, seems like a fitting place for this.

  • Name: Rhill
  • Height: Approx 5'2
  • Age: Approx 30 years (mature adult in prime of life), homeworld year cycle is slightly longer than Earth's.
  • Gender: Male

  • Personality: A fairly quiet loner for the most part but will interact with others when necessary or if feeling lonely or in the mood to be friendly. Self-reliant but understands the value of cooperation. Can be short-tempered and aggressive (a trait shared by most of his race), but becomes very passive and submissive when he feels severely threatened by other sentient beings (something learned from his time as a slave laborer in a mining facility).

  • History/Background: A tribal fighter, Rhill was captured by offworlder colonists in the heyday of their mining operations and put to work at a mining facility. He was young and far more aggressive and arrogant at the time, but gradually "broken" by his captors, which actually benefited him in the long run--he learned the value of humility, cooperation, taking and following orders and instructions, observation and learning new ways to approach problems rather than the most obvious solutions. His captors were not exceedingly cruel to him, especially as he mellowed out, and taught him how to operate basic machinery and even taught him to speak their language on a basic level. When the mining operation folded, he was pretty much abandoned hundreds of miles from his homeland, and instead took up life as a solitary drifter.

    Based on his experiences, he is both distrustful and respectful of the offworlders and combines things he learned with traditional tribal knowledge as he wanders the desert from colony to colony, hoping to one day return to his homeland while also secretly enjoying life exploring unfamiliar surroundings and sometimes sharing stories and lore of his world with any offworlders willing to listen to his tales. He gets by through trading, taking menial labor jobs, and on occasion he works as a mercenary or bounty hunter.

    The bracelets he wears are actually the steel shackles he wore during his time as a slave, he hasn't been able to remove them yet although the chains themselves were removed long ago (the shackles were left on by his captors for symbolic/status indication reasons as well as in case it became necessary to restrain or discipline him). He now treats them as simple bracelets.

  • Other notable quirks: Human languages are a tad awkward for him from a physiology standpoint even though he manages pretty well. He puts a bit of a growl on "r" and "l" sounds, a hard "k" sound almost sounds like a short cough, hisses a bit on "s" and his "sh" sounds like "ch", and an "h" sound seems more like he's pausing for a quick breath or exhale than anything. "Rhill" is an example of a native name for his race (although spelled with human letters), as it is expressed almost like a growl.

  • Sexuality/romantic preferences and status: Undetermined and irrelevant but possibly asexual. Single, never been in a committed relationship with either gender. Rhill is not biologically compatible with creatures outside his species and not romantically/sexually interested in them. Should not be depicted in romantic/sexual situations and would probably view any advances by creatures other than Ridgebacks as a threat and act accordingly.

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