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At least seven feet tall

Name: Renatus
Age: canonly aged around his 20s
Species: unicorn
Sub species: dream monster
Date of creation: October 8 2018
Gender: male
Sexuality: pan & poly

Battle score: 30/50
Power/Weapons: empathic, can communicate with dreams and sence the emotions/thoughts of humans. Although he hasn't understood his magic abilities yet.

☆At least seven feet tall and super skinny with long blue curly hair that's sometimes worn with a yellow ribbon in it.

☆Favorite color is yellow. Loves flowers. Has a problem of eating poisonous plants and things that aren't meant to be eaten.

☆A stereotypical "scary but misunderstood." His appearance can be frightening but overall he is a sweet and gentle creature.

☆Tail is similar to a dogs tail while the rest of his fur is like a horses coat.

☆Near his shoulders and hips are 3 and 2 spikes that are similar to his the horn on his head. He has a spike on the end of his tail and 3 spikes on its side.

☆Horn is somewhere in between 12-20 inches.

☆Due to health problems as a child he has a history of passing out. Takes medicine for this.

☆Still in training to fight nightmares but insists on going along to assist in battles.

Renatus is the oldest of out all the trainees. His health has caused him problems as a child which led to him being held back many times and having to put training aside.
Determined on getting better and not giving up he still carries out his training. Renatus is now healthier and able to go help on battles. Even if it’s not much he wants to help as much as he can.
He has been training since the age of 2, only a year younger than the rest of his classmates at the time. So far has been in training longer than anyone. When he graduates from training he will be ready to fight stronger nightmares.
He has had people advise him not to train and or fight nightmares and sometimes what they say can discourage him.
He has been held back many times and has difficulty making friends. Many of his friends have graduated before him so he never sees him.

It is believed Renatus doesn’t have the ability to smell. His noise is very weak if he has any ability at all. This is a problem because he can not tell smells apart.
In dreams, flowers carry either a sweet smell or a scent that easily be recognized as poison. Since he is unable to tell the difference this means he unknowingly eats poisonous plants.
This can lead to fainting and also stomach and heart problems.
He has to avoid eating these things now, and still takes medicine for his heart. Though sometimes he can forget to eat and take his medication. His forgetfulness can hurt him and make him pass out in battles so he has to be reminded to take it.

Renatus loves whoever he wants and believes love has no limits.
But he has a bad problem of falling in love too easily. Renatus is very romantic and thinks with his heart. Sometimes he mistakes friendships and kindness with relationships and love.
Renatus is polyamourus but most of the partners in his relationships were monogamous. While dating he has had eyes for others. Most of them have a hard time understanding this and even get upset over it. He still loves them but he can’t help but fall for other people.
He doesn’t date often anymore and has become less confident on approaching his love interests.

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