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Aidel was just a doll from brand chain called, Blepnom, also known as the Blue Sheep Phantoms. The most distinct thing about these toys is the lack of arms, but in place of these armless bodies are a veridy of clothing options, such as a scarf, bows, or other types of flowing cloth. These dolls were a popular item among children and they come with lots of different outfits and other accessories.

He was given life by an scientist who had been working with artificial life, he brought the doll to life as a present for his daughter's 13th birthday. Aidel now lives to try and make Evelyn happy and care for her in anyway that he can while he learns the way of life.


Aidel is generally a helpful little guy who tries his best to cheer up Evelyn whenever he can. He isn't good at giving advice but he will be there to listen and give some hugs at lest. Due to only just being brought to life he has trouble understanding things that would come naturally to other people, but he still tries.

Aidel is also very caring of Evelyn and her family. He only want to keep them safe in anyway he can. Though on the flip side this behavior causes him to be overprotective even becoming violent to protect Evelyn. Because of this he tends to become verbally rude or even tries to hurt the person who he thinks is attacking Evelyn. This rude behavior get's on Evelyn's family's nerves since he can act out whenever Evelyn is being punished, even if it's just a stern talking to.

Aidel also tends to just follow whatever he thinks is the right thing to do despite people telling him to do other things, so he's kinda unpredictable. Being a doll he can easily sneak around noticed, he just stays still and no one gives him a second thought.

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