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That Badass Jarngrimr


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That Badass Jarngrimr

Hurrah! My girls official ref and final look, And my buds AMAZING B-day present

Also, lots of reading ahead
Jarngrimr [Iron Mask], 'Fire at the end of the sea', 'Blazing Druid'

A host of incurable curiousness, Jarngrimr loves to adventure, to see and smell new places, hunt new things and maybe, find a being of magical proportions or two to chat with. No longer being the bull-headed stiff she used to be, she's more adamant to live life and connect to others, and that's all thanks to Destrien being in her life and accepting her as a friend. When they're not saving each others butts in a scrap, she adores grandiose stories of valor, magic and the beings that consort their, ever expanding, world.


Avid curiosity; Even if she is back lashed by it, Jarn actively seeks out things that catch her eye, whatever it might be, when they have downtime of course. Always open minded, she succeeds in never judging others without just cause, and a willingness to be wrong.

Fallen Faith; Jarngrimr is despondent in regards to finding out her [Herald] a forest spirit of the hunt was not what they seemed, finding the lie as a huge betrayal to her faith & loyalty in the small world she once knew. She still hunts with the respect of life in mind, but no longer prays to them and prays openly to an interpretation of what she thinks hunting is instead.

Teachings of The Cú Faoil; Balancing yourself in strength, stability, focus and cause, gives Jarn her fierce traits as a character. Guarding those she loves without pause while protecting those who are in need of it regardless of race. She knows her limits and will act upon them if she deems it necessary, but will not hesitate to be a shield in dire situations.

And firmly believes her only purpose in life, regardless of the higher call to action, is to protect her friends. Mostly Destrien, as he is her first friend, her best friend and in that regard is her savior from the once deep depression she was in because of her family, as she tormented over thoughts of suicide. The Cú Faoil’s strong teachings are what made Jarngrimr keep going beyond that point and is the guardian Jarn we know now.

*Spare No Traitor; While running with Ruaidhrí and her army to raid and free slaves, seeing their conditions, how they’re treated, what they’re used for, and especially knowing what Destrien and her Jarl had to have gone through. Being in the ‘King’s tunnels’ has solidified it. Any slaver, guard, king, person of power, any person who can stand by, while looking down on the lives of others, she promises to kill them and free any slaves she can. Jarngrimr’s faith in justice is lost, so she’ll live by her own law. There is no mercy, no matter what it takes.


Blood of The Cú Faoil; It’s not exactly known what else it does, only that Jarngrimr will be seen as a sister of the Cú Faoil upon meeting one.

Loved In Light; Mild protection from possession and other magical external threats, a parting gift from her [Herald] a forest spirit of the hunt.


Touch of The Hunted; [Unknown] 23% in effect; Involves the shadow called Amarok, of the Fae Deity, Fyrhþ:[Forest Dwelling]

Magical Sight; enables one to see what magic/mythical bindings are and basic understanding of what they are made of.

The Honey Of Language; enables one to hear and understand any language that they've never known. And speak it for a short time. Does not allow one to read or write in other languages.

Veil Of My Kin; enables one to not be seen as a threat by magical beasts/altered beasts at first instance.

Stone Head; enables one to be guarded against, mild, tampering of the mind.

In My Name; enables one to call out or hear an elemental if there is one near. Secondary; seen as friendly to elementals.


Amabilis: LjúfR [delightful, dear, beloved, pleasant]; Jarn’s deceased, reincarnated brother, Kúss, in the form of a Peregrine falcon.

LjúfR gains all buffs and blessings from their connection and any buffs or blessings he gets can do the same.

Known Earth Spirits: [All Earth Spirits recolonize Jarn as a Druid, and call her the 'Blazing Druid']
Ninian, the trading town
-Shealbhú [hold] Earth spirit
Frigusceald, the kingdom & Bloodbacks city, The Far Darrig [Red Man]
-A Thabhairt [give] Earth spirit
Prophecies of the Vǫlva [Seer, one who see's]:

Grips of thunder will echo, a land clashed with grey. Wanderer so far, lost to the past, lost to words. A broken love, a broken heart, twisted, but not from the start. Soot and bone will tremble, fires rise, smog gives birth to hands holding stars. Cries will follow, the saved, the damned. The rain will echo back, drowning in deliverance.

Fire's flick at the end of the sea, creation, destruction, a balance of claws. Gales stem and flow each tide. To your will, will they be shaped by blood and bond into a sword, two edges at the tip. Two are one, sight will be taken from each eye and each will see the truth. Forever listening, but do not follow, one path will remain, no sight will give it. Dawn will bring you anew in the maw of a giant's death.

A flame among the greenwood dances, shrouded in scales, each a saddened voice. Wait and listen to them. Under the water, wreath of a last whisper, an oath of a phoenix shall ring out to give it's heart. To an fro, pieces will fall into light. Baring witness to everything and everything will witness you. Iron, blood, bone, knowledge, a fools errand to seek, but a fools to leave. A fallen star will be given, three sides to each tale, but one choice will ignite it in your name.

River wild, it floods every land into the sea; two will meet on the same path, storms raging to clash from each side, flows desolation in it's wake. A power born like no other, the mother gives pause. Four directions will grace the cleared skies. One clear voice, the might of a sun, will sing in death.

Old and new, gods be here. Grand paths lay before each. Given new life, it shapes what is seen. All will seek, burdened by plight, the shape of wings fly the fastest. The core roars asunder if awoken. One who is seen in all sides will hold the key; the brightest shine in the darkest times taken new form. Each bar risen, a foe to the last, ashen fangs, scuffed in crimson reach heavenward, consuming the world.'

RP Updates:

Jarn had overcome Amarok's hold on her mind on the 'Raid of the King's Tunnels', to protect her friend. Making their hold weaker.
- In the 'Raid of the King's Tunnels', Upon seeing the horror's of the slavers cave that the slaves and her friend had endured, she has gotten *Spare No Traitor as a result.

Jarn is in an intimate relationship with the female freedom fighter, Ruaidhrí, the 'Red king', though their relationship is on the fence as to her past mistakes with Jarl One Wing and using him in her time of emotional stress.

We're going back, back to the past, in our [RP] now that we're not limited by /fandoms/ to give our kiddos a better, well written past, so things may be tweaked for the BEANS.

Design/art is Copyright by kumotogi

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