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9 December 2018 at 07:33:21 MST

Cybel (a kind of robodog species)

Scrappy is overall a bit taller, thicker and stronger than SpaceDog. He has some bumps and scratches spread all over his metal hull and is often very dirty as a result of his job. He even managed to bump his muzzle into a massive door that closed in front of him. Since then his muzzle has these little wrinkles that makes him look angry all the time.
Because of his bulky, compact appearance he looks more like a bear than a dog. His hull is mostly covered in a dull, dirt brown. He is pretty old, but overall pretty massive and robust too.
Hidden inside his forelegs he has all kinds of tools he can easily fold out whenever he needs to (wrench or crowbar for example). Those tools are useful for all kinds of electromechanical work like screwing, welding, or cutting wires.
The timer on his chest shows the hours and minutes left until he needs to recharge. He does this either by eating metal, plants or by putting the loose wires at the end of his tail into anything that gives off electric energy. This is the fastest way, but he needs to be careful with the voltage.

He’s the engineer/mechanic/robo-doc and SpaceDog’s only companion and friend on his mission and keeps all machines on the ship working. Because of his age Scrappy’s body is technologically pretty “outdated” compared to SpaceDog’s. He’s optimised to work with machines and electricity and he can carry heavy things. But he can sometimes be pretty slow and has to deal with glitches, which is why he needs to do daily self-check-ups. He thinks, though, that this doesn’t stop him from doing his job.
He always stores some materials and spare parts in his room in case something happens.

He can be very direct and harsh. Scrappy is also pretty paranoid and suspicious towarts people he just met. But if he trusts you and calls you a friend, he can be like a brother or parent.

Likes: crafting and repairing things, solving technical problems, inventing new things

hates/is afraid of: loud, irritating noises (like loud music or big crowds of people talking all at once), not understanding something (like a machine doesn't work correctly and he can't find the reason why)

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