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Over thousands of years
eldritch dragon/specter

"Through undying love, we reunite. Through our reunion, we make and unmake once more."

Many would not see Coven as a romantic type, so it would surprise many when they find out he did have a love relationship so very long ago. It was with a dragon named Chynstrixx. They've met on a world long forgotten in this age, while he was still a wanderer and she was a solitary scholar. After their first meeting, they came back together over and over as if by fate. Their relationship strengthens as the centuries passed and they one day called each other lovers. They made up their own 'marriage' ritual as they testify their love under a sacred oak tree, to nobody but themselves, the spirits and the Old Gods. They've lived happily together for five thousand years, unlocking the secrets of the universe together. Sadly, Chynstrixx was not truly immortal like Coven or his familiar, so age and sickness one day claimed their due. With their bond broken by death, Coven was left grieving. Chynstrixx watched from the realm of the dead how the person who taught her true love weeped for her, knowing that he could never join her in Varrendel's icy realm. She was determined to reunite with him since he can't reunite with her. As part of an elaborate plan, she answered the call of a necromancer and allowed her soul to be bound to an artifact and return to the realm of the living. She pretended to work for this necromancer for three years before finding an opportunity to kill him. After that, through her supernatural influences and twisting the paths of fate to her favour, the artifact she was bound to migrated between hands, some took her across stars even, as she looked for her lover. In the end, they reunited just before Coven left the Nuaryagan council, fifteen thousand years later. Now, they share one body, capable of switching who takes on a physical form, and who becomes the spectral companion.

She was a renowned wyrd schollar back in her days as a living. She practiced the eldritch crafts and communed with entities outside of this world. Possibly those originating from outside Imago's web itself. In the field of battle, she wields debiliating curses and destructive spells that can ruin whole lands, while her lover is able to twist and warp her flesh to exert his own protective will. In equal measure, she can use the powers of the Stars to provide comfort and respite to her allies. Most of her movesets revolve around the use of a malignant, spreading crystal, both solid and liquid, that is said to shine in the colours of madness, the rays of the void itself. Even Teishi, he who slips in and out of the fabric of reality, refuses to have anything to do with this mysterious crystal.

Despite the terrible powers she wields and the unspeakable communes she's had, Chynstrixx is kind and gentle. Truly a loving soul, especially to her ancient mate and his familiar. She is very knowledgeable and wise, and she often shares this knowledge accompanied by pleasant humour. However, very similar to Coven, she is arbitary and cannot conceived societal norms and laws. Just like her mate, she sticks only to her own rules and doesn't let just anyone tell her what to do.

Another face reveals herself. Chynstrixx here is special to me, just as Constance is. So treat her well.

Yes, her appearance is inspired by Cynder. Her crystal-based powers is inspired by Darkest Dungeon.

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