Maurice Madman by Kaejaris

Maurice Madman


29 September 2018 at 03:34:16 MDT

Maurice Madman
5ft 9

Hair Colour: Cyan
Eye Colour: Emerald
Skin Colour: Pale

OC Creation Date: August 2018 (0 years old)

Personality and traits

Above all others within the group Deviance, Maurice is the looniest. Although bright in several fields that interest him, he is more than somewhat naïve to many of the basic things in life. This causes him to ask questions which would be considered stupid or make silly remarks.
There is an almost child-like enthusiasm to his personality. He is always eager to try new things and takes utmost pleasure in joining his new-found friends in antagonising others.
Interests-wise, Maurice enjoys all kinds of music and loves to dance, much to the annoyance of his friends who have to endure his strange bodily movements.
He also likes to read books, particularly those of the fantasy/science fiction genre. Occasionally he reads children’s books as well, an act of which he is sometimes teased.

Character Information

Before he became a part of Deviance, Maurice had a troubled childhood. Well, it was more troubling for his family than it was for himself. His erratic and unstable nature led him to being cast out of his home and taken to a mental asylum. Never again would he see his father, mother and sister. Not that he was overly upset by this. He merely felt betrayed.

At the asylum, Maurice became a part of a small group seeking to escape. This they did successfully and then Maurice’s life was really about to begin. He became acquainted with Marcus C. Snayke and the two started cooperating. Both homeless, they sought to survive in their home city, resorting to crime and pranks. Their exploits caught the attention of someone called Queen who had the two boys abducted by her advisor, Beta, and brought to her castle.

Queen was currently in the process of assembling a small group of dubious individuals whom she hoped would serve her in causing trouble. Maurice and Marcus were the second to last to join Deviance. Soon, the group was completed with the arrival of Slinky Z.

Character Information


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