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Zeenia Whitethorn


16 September 2018 at 00:49:32 MDT

Zeenia Whitethorn
Same age as mun <3
7ft tall - 25ft long - 21ft Wingspan
680 kilograms (1499.14lbs)
Glacial Wystern (Eastern-Wyvern Hybrid)


-Additional details-
Affinity: Ice
Habitat: Tundra
Diet: Opportunistic hunter

Anthro version can be viewed here:

Zeenia is the surviving lone hatchling of an Arctic wyvern and Glacial Eastern dragon. She was born out of a clutch of 3, 2 of which did not survive although her parents thought it the opposite until her hatch day as the shell of her egg was cold and dull. When her parents needed to go south to escape the impending polar vortex on her first winter, they quickly realized she was much too slow to keep up and so they stayed behind. She was the age of 4 years when her parents succumbed to the winter gale, scavenging for food in the dead of winter.

Skeletal layer:
Zeenia's bones are permafrost, made of ice. This is due to her father's line. Eastern dragons are generally known as being attuned to an element and showing it to great extent. The crystals on her back are part of her spine, growing and breaking with age, fracturing and healing as she grows. As a hatchling she bore none of the crystals on her back and her frills did not show out of the abundance of fur.

As Zeenia ages, the melting and refreezing of her skeletal structure ultimately leads to the puncturing of the skin, resulting in eventual takeover. As time goes on and Zee ages, her skeletal structure will eventually encase her organs, leading to her natural death. Due to her habitat however, her bones will not decay.

The skeletal structure, due to the buoyant nature of ice, will also aid in swimming in the salt water in which she hunts fish and seals.

Muscle Layer:
The muscles of this dragon are as unique as her bones. She has fewer than her father but more than her mother. Zeenia's muscles are covered in a layer of fat to insulate the muscle from the icey skeletal structure. Tendons are connected to her skeletal structure via this layer of fat kept hard by the cold of her bones.

Large heart and large lungs take up most of her torso. A nitrogen system feeds through her permafrost bones and includes 2 structures. A liquid nitrogen bladder along her back to store the substance and a butterfly shaped organ that pumps it through her bone structure much like a heart would with blood. as the organ pumps, there is a secondary trachea that takes the exhausted nitrogen gas and releases it into her primary trachea, releasing the built up gases with normal breath. This air is frosty and falls instead of rises even in the arctic. As liquid nitrogen is less dense than water, this helps her stay buoyant in water. She also has a very small fire gland thanks to her mother's genetics, however this is no bigger than a silver dollar coin, only releases tiny sparks like flint, and can only be used in emergency purposes, such as sparking a fire on tinder (as her body still needs some sort of heat) or warning off competitors. This is located under her tongue.

Ice "breath":
Liquid nitrogen can be ejected from the bladder along her back, through her secondary trachea and out of her maw. This is not comfortable and similar to a projectile vomit, though without the use of all of her muscles in her torso. This does however produce a sound similar to a gag, though the sound is louder and more of a hiss than a roar, caused buy the expelling of air to keep the nitrogen out of her lungs.

Zeenia has 3 layers of fur. An undercoat, a layer of thick wavy fur and a layer of thin straight fur. This provides warmth and waterproofing. Under it however is very fine pink skin followed by a layer of blubber underneath. Scales do however appear on the vulnerable parts of her skin. This includes her wings and the fins on her arms, chest, back and tail. The skin underneath the scales secretes an oil that she rubs over her fur to preen herself and provide extra waterproofing before the big dive for food. Excessive build up of this oil on her scales flakes off like dandruff when dry with movement.

Walking(painfully slow):
Head and neck down low, back straight, sprawled. Mountain climbing on the ground.

Lifted body, hopping like a bat. See running bat vid on youtube

Flying(Slowish but faster than running):
Her wings are better at swimming, but flight is possible with the small amount of chi provided by her Eastern lineage.

Back legs straighten and flatten against her tail, wings push backwards while fins on wings, torso and back flatten against each other and provide less drag. Fins on tail spread and come together to form a fin similar to a dolphin's tail.

Physical uniqueness:
Other than bones, her wings are just as awkward. DNA wanted to combine the front legs of both wyvern and eastern but stopped in between, resulting in a single full finger, single half finger and a single 1/4 finger with 2 wing thumbs. The 2 shorter fingers attached to the wing itself as well as the thumbs are all bendable however, allowing her to somewhat grip some objects. Claws are long, aiding somewhat in climbing. The wing's main function is for swimming.

The fins provide drag to slow down while in the water, bending upward and fanning out to stop more quickly. These are always moving with mood, movement in water and in flight.

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