Teh Snow Peh by The 496th Silverbolt

Teh Snow Peh

The 496th Silverbolt

8 August 2018 at 18:47:44 MDT

Teh Snow Peh
6 months
Bald Eagle

Nickname(s): Snow, Snow Peh

Behavior: Teh Snow Peh is a tame bald eagle, mostly due to how he tends to rely on humans for food. He's pretty interested in art, especially when it comes to painting. He definitely considers this more of a hobby rather than a 'professional job' however, even if it’s how he obtains food and water from Marcus. When he's not working for the mural artist, he's either exploring the city, sleeping, or experimenting with other tools in relation to his drawing “hobby”. Sometimes he is seen forcing himself to try to hunt, an activity with more failures than successes.
When interacting with others, he behaves in a way that makes him often look like a goofball. For instance, he constantly attempts to be funny, which varies in degrees of success. He also prefers to just mind his own business, and will usually run away or back down if things seem to be escalating into a fight.

Likes: Painting, food, jokes.

Dislikes: Hunting, fighting, conflict.

Notable fears: Getting his wings clipped, heavily upsetting others, living entirely independent.

Bio: Teh Snow Peh was born in a family of two chicks and two cocks (Insert adult joke here). One odd aspect of this family was two of the eagles had a feline muzzle and feline-like legs. Teh Snow Peh was one of them. The one trait that none of the other newborn birds had though was a completely white body, as well as a case of complete heterochromia. As a result of his odd looks, this strange eagle's parents took great care in making sure that he knew how to hunt and fly first. In terms of hunting, Snow managed to learn how to hunt first despite his lack of talons, but flying was a different matter entirely. He was the last one that managed to learn how to fly out of the whole group. When he was old enough to leave the nest, Snow Peh didn't want to at first (He wasn't very confident about his hunting skills due to his markings/anatomical differences). His parents eventually forced him to fly off elsewhere and hunt for food on his own, however. More often than not, Teh Snow Peh felt hungry due to the unsuccessful attempts he made at hunting his own prey; scavenging for food was bringing in more food than his hunting did. But then, one day, he found an urbanized area filled with people, and decided to explore further to see if he could find anything of use. He eventually came across a human artist named Marcus creating a mural. Fascinated, the bald eagle picked up one of the man's brushes and began drawing a haphazard mess on the concrete. This resulted in an awkward situation at first, what with Marcus attempting to nab him in anger. Upon seeing that people were actually dropping money for what seemed like his own achievement of getting a bald eagle to paint something, however, Marcus decided to try to tame this bird in hopes of getting some extra cash for a job both of them seemed to enjoy. As a result of this, Teh Snow Peh now interacts positively with Marcus, doing various activities like tricks or painting to entertain others in the streets in exchange for a sufficient supply of food and water.

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