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Ardath Engell


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Ardath Engell


eARLY LIFE (1-13)
Ardath lives with her mother and grandmother in a small house at the outskirts of her small town. Both of them have heavy drug addictions, and she is constantly left alone, left hungry, or left dirty as a child, as her mother and grandmother are gone and constantly high. Her grandmother has an excessive drinking problem, too.
Her mother enrolls her in school to have someone to watch her and feed her. She begins acting out early on in school, having issues with kids and teachers, but her mother doesn't tend to care. Her mother and grandmother both tell her that she was unwanted, a mistake, and worthless early on. When she is hungry, they tell her she will get fat and ugly if she eats. She develops an eating disorder from the fear of being fat early on, as she sees pretty singers in the media, and wants to look like them. Her mother pays no mind.
teenage years (13-18)
In middle school, Ardath struggles immensely. She gets into fights, skips school, and overall acts out. She has a teacher who tells her that they wish she would drop out so the teacher could stop wasting their time on her, and she tries to drop out. She ends up just getting in trouble because she skips school, and the court gives her another chance to go. She agrees to go, not wanting to get into any trouble.
She suffers from intermittent explosive disorder and ADD, both making it hard in school. She is bullied a lot by people for being 'dark' and 'weird', and her mother and grandmother continue to let her know that she's worthless, and they only let her stay there because they legally have to.
Ardath has no self worth and no care for what tomorrow may be for her. Her mother constantly steals things and money from her.
She gets a part time job working in a fast food restaurant to avoid going home. Her mother and grandmother are fine with her being gone.
She comes home and tries to sleep one day, and her mother and grandmother end up getting into a fight. She wakes up angry because they won't let her sleep, and she tells her mother off. Her mother laughs at her for not being able to sleep, and Ardath punches her mother. They end up getting into a fist fight, but Ardath wins as her mother is sickly. Her mother leaves for a few days.
Throughout this timeframe, her mother brings many random men in.
Adult life (18+)
Ardath graduates high school and calms down pretty quickly. Her mother and grandmother both calm down too, though not by much. They're both very sickly because of the years of drug and alcohol abuse. Ardath's grandmother becomes sick with lung cancer, and she passes away, leaving Ardath and her mother.
Ardath suffers from extensive night terrors and nightmares. She doesn't sleep well and ends up getting a job working midnight shift at a clothing factory. Her mental state dissipates quickly, as she's working 80 hour weeks.
At 23, Ardath dies from a stroke on her couch.

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