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Clive Meitzer


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Clive Meitzer

early life (1-13)

Clive was born to a Cajun mother and a German father in Louisiana. At the age of two, both his parents were killed in a car accident due to heavy rains, and he immediately moved in with his aunt and uncle on a small plantation. His aunt and uncle aren't rich, but they live comfortably as his uncle works at a newspaper firm and his aunt is a nurse. They are overall supportive of Clive and do their best to take care of him, living on as his parents. He doesn't remember his parents, and thinks that his aunt and uncle have always been his mother and father.
Clive finds and interest in cooking as he helps his aunt in the evenings. He has a good memory for recipes and would sit and read recipe books for fun, learning recipes by heart to surprise and help his aunt further. He does well in school, though his cooking is generally not approved of, and he is a good kid. Math is his strongest subject.
teenage years (13-18)

Clive lived a fairly simple life going through school. He went to school, came home, helped his aunt and uncle on the plantation, and did everything he needed to do to be successful in school and learn skills at home.
At 16, he begins working in a small swamp-side restaurant. It's gritty and down to earth, but he loves it, finding it through one of his father's work buddies. Clive is a hit among the workers and the local customers because he is good at entertaining, telling stories, and cooking. Even at rush hour, he works well under pressure, and his most famous skill is figuring out tips in his head and figuring totals before the receipts are given.
He decides he wants to go to school to be a math teacher, as simple as it sounds. He works at the restaurant through to high school graduation. His aunt and uncle are very proud of his hard work and give him an allowance on top of his restaurant work. He saves diligintly.
During his teenage years, Clive struggles with attraction to males alongside females. He ignores this as his uncle was a strong homophobic, and as such, he is too.
He immediately goes to college while still working at the restaurant. A journalist comes through and does an article on the restaurant, sparking and interest in journalism and the paper for Clive. After research, and copious newspapers read, Clive switches his degree from mathematics to journalism, and decides he'll come back for mathematics later.
At 21, he becomes assistant manager of the restaurant while being a journalist on the side. He becomes a restaurant critique and occasionally writes smaller stories as he gets time. Then he gets a side job delivering newspapers. He has little free time, but it's how he likes it, because his job is everything to him.
Eventually moves up on the newspaper business as a journalist for them, and he leaves the restaurant, because he has dreams of running his own paper. This is around age 24. Around this time, his uncle becomes sick. Clive takes a little time off work to care for his uncle. At 26, his uncle passed away. At age 30, he's president of the newspaper company and is running it, while still writing articles for it himself.
He cares for his aunt and pays a nurse to stay with her while he is gone at work during the day.
While he is president, a journalist named Marry Audet Gurrier catches his interest. They date, fall in love, and marry by age 32. Things look great for him as he runs his company. The company expands into New York, and they ask him to move. He agrees after consideration from his aunt, and Marry goes with him. They settle there. Things take off slowly and immediately financial troubles begin. Marry eventually becomes abusive regarding their financial situation and Clive's work situation. She comes to physically hurt him in drunken rages and belittling him, emotionally abusing him until he agrees to have sex with her. He refuses to hurt her or say anything back as he respects her and knows he could hurt her, and his aunt taught him great respect for women. He tries hard to make the company work, but eventually, the New York branch falls through and he's stuck.
​His experience leads him to another small firm in New York, not as good but it's work. He quickly moves up because he knows what he's doing. Marry's abuse lightens a bit, but any failures cause her to snap. One day, Clive finally decides he wants to divorce her. After fighting, he goes to bed on their couch, and she murders him at age 39 in his sleep, and little did he know a Commoner had been stalking his misery most of the way.

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