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Oliver Ruess


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Oliver Ruess

eARLY LIFE (1-13)
Oliver was born to a fairly wealthy family in the Cologne region of Germany in the year 1820. He was the first of three children born to parents, Abraham Ruess and Sara Ruess. He has two younger siblings, a brother named Emil Ruess and a sister named Jade Ruess. Being the oldest, his parents, most notably his father, had high expectations for his education. Even after his siblings were born, he was stressed by his father to follow him upon business ventures and study the German economy, so that he could add good praise to the Ruess name and take over their business interests once his father and mother wished to retire.
Obvious favoritism was given to Oliver because he was the first, and while his relationship with his siblings growing up was generally positive, jealousy was present between them.
When Oliver's family wasn't pressuring him into the 'family business', he enjoyed keeping up the garden for the family mansion. He became so good at it, that they ended up firing their landscaper, because he was cheaper, and better. Eventually, his gardening became a coping mechanism for the straining relationship between his family. There were many business trips his family took without Oliver, leaving them all under the care of the Ruess' financial adviser. In those times, Oliver became very close to him, learning to manage money and other simple life skills.
teenage years (13-18)
When Oliver was 14, his mother became ill with the flu. Even with their wealth and connections, she passed away, leaving the family in turmoil. After her death, his father became distant towards his three children, leaving for days at a time without informing them where he was going. When he returned, he would be drunk, cold and aggressive. He eventually fires most of the staff at the Ruess mansion, including the financial adviser that Oliver had grown so close to. This threw Oliver into a severe depression, but it caused him and his siblings to grow closer, as the favoritism he had grown up with from his father was no longer present.
His family would camp out in the mansion garden to escape their father some times, and he tended not to bother them if they were out of his way.
Adult life (18+)
When Jade turned 18 - Oliver was 22 - she came out as a lesbian to her family. Her father became belligerent, and assaulted her. Emil attempted to defend his sister, while Oliver did nothing to intervene, almost frozen by his father's aggression. Abraham kicked both Jade and Emil out, and threatened Oliver that if he contacted them any, he would follow.
Oliver withdrew from what little he knew of society to care for his father, who's health was dwindling at this time. The finances were draining, though he used what knowledge he had learned from the adviser to try and keep him and the mansion afloat. When it looks as he is going to lose the business and the mansion, he seeks out the old financial adviser, who disowns Oliver and the Ruess family for his father's treatment of him.
During these events, Oliver begins to suffer horrendous nightmares that include his family's faces melting off their skulls, his garden shriveling up and falling into Hell, and others. He refuses to pay attention to them when awake.
Oliver is lost, and on his own as his father's health ends up taking his life. Oliver lives in the mansion alone, tending to the garden, waiting for the government to take his childhood home and memories from him. Once the government forecloses upon him, he begins packing what little he can. Within his mother's room, he finds letters from past lovers and learns that his father isn't actually his father, and that the same goes for his Jade. It was unknown if Emil was the result of Abraham or the same lover that was Oliver's father, but Jade was from another father. He attempts to find Emil and Jade to tell them, but he cannot find them.
He hordes up in the winter, and his garden dies. His mental health is nearly gone. He has no food, no friends, and no family. Refusing to let the government steal his last bit of hope from him, he sets fire to his family's mansion, and amidst the burning, hangs himself, his soul drifting away to the Commonplace, drawn there by Ata Lane.

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