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Vanessa Cloud


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Vanessa Cloud
14 (Era 1) / 31 (Era 2)
4' 9" (Era 1) / 5'11" (Era 2)
101 Lb (Era 1) / 146 Lb
Electric Mutant (Failed)

Name: Vanessa Cloud

Gender: Female

Age: 14 (Era 1) / 31 (Era 2)

Height: 4' 9" (Era 1) / 5'11" (Era 2)

Weight: 101 Lb (Era 1) / 146 Lb

Cup Size: DDD

Species: Electric Mutant (Failed)

Birthday: June 29

Era From: Era 1 (2030 – 2036) & Era 2 (2050 – 2056)

Location: San Francisco

Occupation: Hero Support (Era 1) / Hero (Era 2)

Sexuality: Unknown (Era 1) / Lesbian (Era 2)


  • Her body is filled with special acid-filled glands that act as batteries

  • Her muscles generate electricity that is stored in her glands, which she can discharge at will

  • Due to a genetic flaw, her body is constantly generating electricity without stop

  • When her glands can't store any more charge, they begin releasing it into her body, which causes damage to her organs

  • If not released, the excess electricity will continue to build up in her body, causing more and more harm to herself

  • When her body can no longer take the built-up charge, it will be released as an electric discharge, which can cause massive damage to the surrounding area.


  • She can't fight in water or when wet, as she will electrocute herself to death

  • She has a hard time dealing with insulated materials

  • Her attacks are usually in the form of large blasts, which can cause a lot of collateral damage. Because of this, she had to be wary of when and how she attacks

  • Her attacks can be redirected via lightning-rods and other conductive objects

  • If she depletes her stored electricity, she will have to wait till she had built up more to attack again (however, she can drain electricity from machines to compensate)

  • Magnets mess with her powers and cause her electricity to behave strangely

Likes: Music, Dating, Sex, Cute girls, Fighting, Dancing, Video games, Singing, Making music, Sweets, Energy drinks, Exercise & Reading

Dislikes: Swimming, The cold, Rubber, Short-circuiting stuff by mistake, Accidentally electrocuting people, The rain, & magnets

Personality: Spunky, Flirtatious, Seductive, Outgoing, Sassy, Peppy, Passionate, Kinky, Talkative, Creative, Tomboyish, Rowdy, and Fun Loving

Vanessa belonged to a group of mutants known as the rejects, which were mutants that Synthex deemed failures, or who were only good for the data their mutations provided. Stacy and the heroes of Double Helix rescued her from Synthex during one of the raids of their bases. Vanessa had been locked and restrained in a small cell due to her mutation's rather deadly flaw. Her experience at Synthex had done a number on her, with the many deaths she caused and the pain she experienced due to her electric powers leaving her mentally scarred. Due to her mutation's side-effect, she couldn't return home, so the heroes took her in under their care till they could find a way to help her.

The time with the heroes was just as hard for Vanessa as her time at Synthex. While the heroes did their best to comfort and care for her, her powers ended up making it difficult. She wasn't allowed to leave the heroes base, less she let her electricity build up and cause yet another blast that did away with any civilians nearby. And the only way she could stop her electricity from getting to dangerously high levels was to constantly discharge it, which meant she couldn't get near anyone without giving them a nasty shock. Her powers had become a curse, and her life was left a living hell.

However, As time went on, Vanessa slowly learned more about her powers, and how to utilize them. What started as random jolts and wild discharges became focused bolts of power and concentrated burst of electricity. The longer she lived with her powers, and the more she experimented with them, the better she got at using them.

At the same time, the longer Vanessa found herself living with the heroes, the more she found out about herself as well. The constant exposure to the many female heroes began to awaken strange feelings inside her. Feelings of longing, lust, and passion began to blossom, as she found it harder and harder to ignore. Finally, after a fateful encounter with another female mutant, she finally realized what those feelings were. The realization of her sexuality, combined with the growing mastery of her abilities, transformed Vanessa. She was no longer the fearful, hurt teen the heroes had saved. She was now an open, confident, and powerful asset to the heroes.

As time went on, Vanessa worked her way up to the ranks and became a true protector of the people. She, along with many others mutants, became the "2nd wave" of heroes, which took over after the retirement of many of the legends of the previous era. Vanessa would also later become one of the mentors to Era, teaching her how to use her energy powers effectively.

Vanessa now spends her time fighting crime, and writing and performing music in her spare time. However, if you happen to find yourself being saved by her, and you also happen to be a rather good-looking woman, don't be surprised if she offers to take you out to lunch. with Vanessa, every encounter is sure to make sparks fly...

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    I like this, as a character. I like it when sexy characters are intentionally sexy! It shows a respect for consent!