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Robbie Mercury


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Robbie Mercury
172 lbs.*
  • Information as of June 1995

Around the 2nd grade when he was living in San Antonio, he made his first visit to a record store where he checked out music from bands like Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, and AC/DC, thus he developed a taste for rock music. As he shows his newfound interest in music, he became a target for bullies until a mouse named Martin steps in and got him out of this mess. The two became friends. Then in '92, his father, a captain in the US Air Force, was called in to deploy at the gulf, but he never came home. Unable to make ends meet with their current financial status, Robbie and his mother Chelsea move to Santa Azul, where the rent is unbelievably cheap there, even the 3 bedroom apartments. Even if he had to say goodbye to Martin, they can still be pen pals. Unfortunately, as soon as they settle in, Chelsea showed her true colors. She hates anthros. And that made the anthros around him assume he hates them, too. Hostilities are ever rising. He even used his allowance to take Tae Kwon Do lessons for self-defense. Even when he made friends with a local record store clerk and a few students at the dojo, he can still barely cope with this situation. One night, while coming home from buying a new CD, there was an explosion from a nearby warehouse and some nasty anthro gangsters corner him at a back alley. Just as things are about to turn ugly, a wolf and a vixen show up out of nowhere to save him. Despite being saved by them, he gave them a cold shoulder and left, unknowingly forgetting his CD back there. Of course, fate would bring them together again later down the line.

Robbie has The Spirit, but believe it or not, most of the time Spirit enhances the user's natural abilities in unique ways, making even the user assume they have super powers. Robbie's have wind-like powers, which allows abilities like a triple jump, dashing past enemies like he's air itself, and,combined with his Tae Kwon Do skills, can execute kicks that can either cut the air itself or unleash an air blast.

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