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5 April 2018 at 14:38:15 MDT

Unknown (40?)
210 lbs
Human (feral)

Kalt is a big ugly humanoid that was found stalking the wilds not long ago. He's aggressive, still mostly feral, and has no idea what personal space means. His exaggerated proportions are based on what features I find creepy when messed with, mostly the face and hands.
-He doesn't really speak. He can mimic words and often tries to form sentences, but they're broken and have partial words and gibberish. They often turn out creepy because he pretty much just growls the words. And because he mimics Griffon (who he stays around most of the time), he also mimics the German accent.
-It is unknown where he came from. After checking out rumors from the local werewolf tribes about a "white shadow" haunting the wilds, they found him. He's becoming less feral now, but he's got a long way to go. As far as the age thing, theories range from wild-from-youth human (unlikely due to possible age and no prior sightings of him) to clone. He is most likely around 40.
-Aside from Griffon, there are very few people he isn't hostile towards. Two of them are the medics, Seymour and Drigon. They're not really all that willing to be near something like him, but they at the very least know he doesn't mind them. He still craves human company and after long stretches of being alone, Kalt may sit quietly near people for a while, seeming to enjoy the sounds of others.
-He has around 40 teeth, including 4 fangs, an extra set of molars, and some teeth that don't seem to fit naturally. His jaws are very powerful and, in addition to how strong his stomach is, allow him to bite through and eat bones.
-He's not that smart, having an IQ of 71. Kalt thrives on instinct and physical prowess, not human intelligence. He's not a very complex person and is easy to read.
-Kalt spends a lot of his time alone in the woods. He technically lives with Griffon but often disappears for days a time, only to be spotted near roads and rivers. He has a small shack in the woods.
-His name means "cold" in German.
-Kalt has a very deep, gutteral voice and is able to get it very loud. His large lungs allow him to exhale and vocalize longer than normal. The makes various noises he makes include: bark (short, sudden, loud sound), gibberish (his attempt to speak, mostly nonsense noises with occasional German word fragments), clicking (like you might call a dog with), growl, snarl, howl, warning call/yowl, communication call (very loud, single-pitch sharp noise used to notify others where he is), "bored noise" (he seems to only make this noise when alone or bored, a low groan), huff, hiss (sharp exhale indicating pain or annoyance), roar.
-Kalt often paces in small circles when bored or anxious.

Update 2018- I've been debating making him a wendigo or something similar, but instead gave him an outfit (the first one I've designed for him) to what some depictions of a wendigo look like. He has excellent cold resistance and has eaten the frozen bodies of humans who have either succumb to the elements on the mountain or who had been killed by large predators. I liked the idea of him growing seasonal antlers, but in the end I just gave him a deer skull headdress and pelt.

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