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Basic Information:

Full Name and Title: Ms. Victoria Black.
Name: Victoria.
Alias: Vicky, Vic, Tori, Toria.
Age: 23.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.
Birthday: 15th of December.
Theme Colour: Black, Red and Blue.
Deadly Sin: Lust and Envy.

Preferred Weapon: Nails.
Exercise Hours /Per Week: 5 hours.
Preferred Humour: Satire.
Vices: Smoking (common), drugs (not consistent), drinking (socially).

Criminal Record: Public Indecency (Not caught).
Type of Drunk: Happy.
Type of Cry: Weep.
Type of Laugh: Chuckle.

Fictional Characters of Similarities: Monika (ddlc).

Additional Notes:

  • Victoria is hypersexual.
  • She often hates the nickname Toria.
  • Victoria is very open to being sexual around strangers, but will stop if it brings them discomfort.
  • Victoria is Pansexual.
  • Victoria is non-religious._____________________________

All Things Physical

Gender: Female.
Height: 6'0.
Eye Colour: Dark Blue.
Fur Colour: Red/Ginger.
Skin Colour: Black skinned pawpads.
Build: Hourglass.

Hair Colour: Blonde.
Hairstyle: Straight hair, side bangs, full fringe. Medium/Long length.
Hair Texture: Silky and Thin.

Tattoos: None.
Scars: Back of neck.
Piercings: Ears, belly-button.
Beauty Marks: None.

Default Expression: Dreamy.
Needs: None.
Conditions: Damage from smoking.
Health: 6/10.

All Things Mental

Conditions: None known of.

Greatest Motivation: Sex.
Greatest Fear: Being exploited.
Greatest Asset: Charm.
Greatest Flaw: Mildly tempered, will put herself above others.

  • Victoria can be very on point, it is hard to hide things from her.
  • Victoria does find it hard to be creative.
  • Victoria is very reckless.
  • Victoria may appear it, but she isn't exactly, weak.

Victoria knows about 5/10 about herself in the regards of information.


One word to sum them up: Lustful.
Temperament: Mild
Confidence: 6/10.

  • Victoria is often quite modest.
  • Sinner more than a saint.
  • Victoria isn't very much into humour unless it is satire or dirty.
  • Victoria is quite shameless more than shameful.
  • Victoria can hate expressing romantic affection.
  • Victoria isn't always a 100% passive and can get aggressive when belittled.
  • Chaste? What's that. Victoria legitimately doesn't know or understand the concept of not being sexual.
  • Victoria's schedule is very erratic.
  • Quite grounded unless there is a mutual party.
  • Victoria is more of an isolated than friendly person.
  • Victoria varies between loyalty and disloyalty.

Story they belong in: TBA


Hobbies: TV Shows
Ideal Career Path: Doesn't care, will just work for money.
Academic: Victoria used to enjoy mathematics based academic work before dropping out.

  • Victoria often hates travelling unless it is spontaneous and makes no sense.
  • Victoria doesn't mind the idea of dating.


Genre: Historical.
Snack: Salty.
Coffee: Frozen.
Favourite Food: Tacos.
Favourite Colour: Blue.
Ideal type: Considerate.


Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.
Status: Single.
Love Interests: None (Canon)
Close Friends: Lynn Stingray, ...
Acquaintance(s): N/A
Live Family: None.


Victoria to those who hardly know her, can appear unlikable in the sense of personality due to her lack of humour as well as desire to interact, however, she visually tends to lure people in with her looks

General Style: Victoria varies her taste in clothing, but in general can't stand lighter colours and considers them 'Babyish', and will not fear to address this to her friend Lynn Stingray, who is the polar opposite.

Handshake: Cold.
Posture: Upright.
Look: Seductive Glare.
Overall presence: Victoria can add a lot of tension in the room around strangers.


Social Class: Middle.
Guardians: Absent.
Childhood: Bullied.


Career/Job: Not intrigued majorly in career, bartender manager.

Residence: Town.
Financial Status: Stable.
Religion: Not religious.

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