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Mindrite (Formerly known as Silverwing)


10 February 2018 at 16:32:13 MST

Mindrite (Formerly known as Silverwing)
53(25 at the time of his death)
199 lbs
Jackal or Dingo mixed with Vampire-Bat(Later gained a chunk of demon after his death)

Well, here's Blaze's & Sacktaur's Mentor/Adoptive Father, with a shaky background.

Name: Mindrite (Formerly known as Silverwing)

Nicknames: The Wizard Of Darkness & Death, Blacklight, 銀(Gin), Misery, DingoBat, Silver Blade(Former Nickname) & Darkness’ Savage

Gender: Male

Species: Jackal or Dingo mixed with Vampire-Bat(Later gained a chunk of demon after his death)

Appearance: During the time he was alive, Mindrite was a silver Dingo with a big bushy tail & bore some bat features like Ears and wings. His eyes were a rather light shade of & Had beautiful fur that was well groomed. After being killed & revived partially, the once beautiful silver fur of his has now turned into a dull, shaggy Black & Teal. His wings, once pure & striking, are now either Teal with filthy black markings on or black with yellow horns, Kanji tattooed & Teal membrane with the same filthy black at the bottom. The beautiful blue eyes are now yellow & slits, which can sometimes glow in the dark, which can sometimes give him an eerie look. Mindrite wears two rings piercings; one on his left ear & one on his left wing. His tongue, once normal is now forked. Mindrite‘s most interesting features are his Tailmaw(Incapable of speech but thinks for itself) & his belly, which appears to be ripped opened, exposing his guts(Possibly the fatal wound that ended his former self). At times, His kanji tattoos can be seen on his tail or secondary wing design. His eyebrows are somewhat small, but able to show expressions.

Age: 53(25 at the time of his death)

Silverwing Era: Silverwing was charismatic, savvy, snarky & often playful. To his friends & family, He was amazing, funny, caring & somewhat wise. He wanted his loved ones to be happy & peaceful. However, he does bare a dark side. When he started drinking, he started losing care in himself & became more fascinated in the underworld life of the streets, which lead to his downfall.

Mindrite Era: After being resurrected part-way, Silverwing became what is now known as Mindrite, a more cynical, creepier version of his former self. He much more wiser, calmer & extremely protective to his close ones. His drinking habit is now amplified, but never really hinders him as he’s able to run his magic shop in full boom while nearly wasted, and is able to shrug it off very easily! At times, he seen puffing away on his yellow kiseru pipe(sometimes it’s his tailmaw puffing away). Mindrite’s former personality traits still carry over, so all of his charisma hasn’t left. In fact it’s grown quite a bit. He loves doing magic for the sake of teaching his apprentices & cause it’s his new passion. He has a “Do as I say, not as I do.” Way of teaching his disciples as he sometimes not much of a good role model, but often makes up for it. He specializes in dealing with souls & spirits, communicating with them & repairing their emotional wounds. The dark side of Mindrite can be quite frightening. He has a sick fascination about death(Caused from when he got killed) & enjoys feeding off others misery & pain.

Silverwing Era: Born into a wealthy family, Silverwing was raised with class & spirit. His life was perfect, until he started hitting his late teenage years. He began hitting the streets, hanging out with the wrong crowd, getting into trouble & all sorts of mischief. At the time he was dating a slim cat from the west-side, not knowing that she was also dating one of the gang members that Silverwing was rivaling with. On his 25th birthday, he spend the evening chilling by the bridge with his “gf”, dreaming about how he was going stray from his current path back into doing some good, when three gangsters rolled up & jumped him. Silverwing fought back to the point where he almost won, but one of the thugs pulled out a 12 gauge shotgun & blasted him over the bridge with one shot. As he fell into the river, he started to feel some weird sensation, as if he was enjoying his death. He died shortly from drowning along with the gunshot wound, his body sinking towards the bottom of the river.

Mindrite Era: Four months after Silverwing’s death, a strange yellow glow appeared at the bottom of the river. The water parted, then shot out a black & teal figure, landing on the bridge. This was Silverwing, now reborn in a more dark manner. This new Silverwing calls himself Mindrite, The Wizard of Darkness. Mindrite has almost no memory of the night he died except remembering it as satisfying. He quickly took interest in magic & needed money since he was written out of his father's will about a month before his death, so he opened up a small magic shop in an abandon plaza. A few years later, he found Blaze & Sacktaur in their infancy in one of the abandoned stores in the plaza, and made the promise to raise them as if they were his own and guide them to be well trained wizards. At some point in early 2001, he ran into Eric, whom at first was a regular customer, then became real close friends, although Blaze dislikes Eric. In current times, Mindrite still runes the business(Now expanded to the entire plaza with a few workers as other lost souls) Along with trying to figure out the whereabouts on those who wronged him.

Likes: Drinking(Mostly Gin or Vodka), Smoking on his kiseru, Singing(Jazz, rock or rap), Canned foods, Gothic Stuff, Halloween, Eggs, Sushi, Squid, Nissan Skylines(The R33 specifically), Tom & Jerry, The AK-47 he got for Christmas in 2004, Pokémon, Being old while still looking 25, Magic, raising Blaze & Sacktaur & Fire

Dislikes: People disobeying him, Sodas, The kids of this current generation, Bananas, Reality T.V., People who act like assholes(Will probably result in him killing them & using their souls to make his homemade liquor), Xbox, Cowards & his tailmaw eating all the food

Skills: Magic, Spiritual Healing, Telepathy & Martial arts

Strength: Medium

Speed: Medium

Intelligence: High

Family: Blaze & Sacktaur(Adoptive)

Friends: Eric & Rog

Vehicle: None

What you think? Good backstory? Shitty? Let me know.

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