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9 February 2018 at 23:13:34 MST

45 Julian Years
6 foot 1 inches
265 lbs
Angel Dragon-like

Dutch is an angel dragon, whos species lived in relative peace with a few others on a small, isolated planet. The peaceful nature of its inhabitants along with their relatively primitive technologies made them extremely fearful of “outsiders”, particularly humans. The humans had already made peaceful contact with other species, but have not yet investigated this planet. Scientific probes orbit the planet to study its composition, which its inhabitants incorrectly associate with a message of dominance.

Dutch’s mother died from complications during labor. In a panicked effort to save her, his father accidently broke Dutch’s left wing, permanently disfiguring it. His father blamed himself for her death, and became extremely protective of Dutch.

His father worked for their small local government that cautiously tracked the “outsiders” probing their planet, fearing some kind of invasion. Despite his father’s strong warnings of the humans, Dutch developed a fascination with them, particularly with the satellites orbiting ahead. He would sneak out at a specific time during the night, where a satellite would be directly above his den, and signal it using a mirror to reflect the moonlight.

After several months of doing this, they eventually came up with a crude language to communicate. Dutch’s father was terrified when he learned this was happening. In an attempt to scare his son away from the humans, he showed Dutch “classified” war footage of “human wars” (WWII and the Gulf War), which only fueled his fascination with the humans’ machines.

As he grew older, Dutch became a handyman, fixing things using techniques and reverse engineered tools he saw being used in “anti-human” videos his father showed him, and from literature he was secretly stockpiling. Dutch built crude engines and vehicles to make up for his mediocre flying ability from his disfigured wing, and use them to help those who also had trouble flying. One of the dragons he helped was Holly, who injured her wing trying to be a strong flyer like her father. She admires the machines Dutch built to compensate, and the two end up falling in love.

Although well liked in the community, Dutch drew controversy with his sympathetic view towards humans. Much of the ridicule went on his father, who claimed most of the responsibility in an attempt to protect Dutch from hostility.

Tensions boiled over when his father was fired from his job, after his commander learned of an attempt to recreate a “weapon of war”: a Mitsubishi Zero that Dutch has long been fascinated with. Fearing that he turned his son into a “war hungry savage” he destroys it and most of Dutch’s tools. A hurt a betrayed Dutch runs away from home, vowing never to return. After calming down, he returns home a few days later to apologize, but finds that his father killed himself, believing he has failed to protect his son.

Dutch and Holly reconcile, and they eventually have two kids: Louis, who strongly resembles Holly, and Napoleon, who strongly resembles Dutch with his father’s eyes. For the next few years they run a local workshop to fix poor designs and aid the handicapped.

Tensions rise after the government misinterprets humans making contact with a neighboring planet as a “forceful takeover”. The once peaceful planet becomes bitterly divided into “pro humans”, who believe the humans are merely being provoked, and “anti-humans”, who believe the planet needs to militarize to prevent a hostile takeover. The already weak king is overthrown by a radical, who decrees that a strong military be built to show the humans they are not defenseless.

Dutch is forcefully recruited as an engineer for the military, after learning of his long outstanding career of reverse engineering human tools. Although strongly opposed to militarization, Dutch follows his orders, building crude firearms and basic machines. However, Dutch refuses to recreate the Mitsubishi Zero and other weapons of war, fearing that such display will be seen as an act of war against the humans. The government publicly denounce Dutch as a traitor for failing to fulfill his duty to protect the planet.

On his way home, he finds his workshop vandalized and ransacked by radicals. Inside, he finds the lifeless bodies of Holly, Louis, and Napoleon, who have all been shot with weapons he made. In a panic he retreats back to his father’s den, unsure where else to go. He remembers the satellite he used to talk to when he was young, and frantically calls out to it. When its operator eventually responded, Dutch begged that they take him from his awful planet, promising to do anything they asked. After about a week of waiting, the satellite signals back to Dutch that they will make contact with him.

Before leaving his planet, Dutch grabs a tail feather from Holly and his two kids, then burns the workshop down with them in it.

During first contact, he begs that the scientists examining him amputate his wings so that he can distance himself from his own kind – which they reluctantly agree to do.

It has been about 3 years since Dutch made contact with humans. He spent much of that time learning human languages and societal norms, hoping that someday he could fully integrate into human society, leaving his kind behind.

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