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Kenneth "Ken" Kauri Dalton IV


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Kenneth "Ken" Kauri Dalton IV
5 ft 10

Real Name: Kenneth Kauri Dalton IV
Alias: Ken, Kenny, Kauri,
DOB: 1/01/1989
POB: Sydney, Australia
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Dingo
Nationality: Australian of Maori and Irish Descent
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 189 lbs
Eye colour: Crimson-Red

Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde

Physical Appearance: Toned, well muscled, with Polynesian tattoos.

Father: Kennedy Kauri Danton III
Mother: Bernadette Dalton (nee Smith)
Paternal Uncle(s): Aleki Dalton, Gregory Dalton,
Paternal Aunt(s): Sheila Dalton-Klein
Maternal Uncle(s): Andrew Smith, Raymond Klein (In-Law)
Maternal Aunt(s): Sefina Atsuko Momoa (In-Law)
Paternal Grandfather: Kennedy Kauri Dalton II
Paternal Grandmother: Melinda Daltn (nee Samuels)
Maternal Grandfather: Andrew Smith
Maternal Grandmother: Brie Smith (nee Callaghan)
Paternal Cousin(s): David Dalton, Andrew Klein, Tonya Klein
Maternal Cousin(s): Manu Masayoshi Smith-Momoa

William "Will" O'Grady
Reese Walters
Bertha "Big B" Bronski
Laurel Joel

Love Interests:
Elaine Applebottom: Soul Mate

Former UPS Delivery
Current Bodyguaird-For-Hire

Fighting Styles:
Wun Hop Kuen Do
Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu
Jow Ga Kung Fu
Maphilindo Silat
San Jieh Dao
Eskabo Daan

Ken Dalton is an Australian Dingo of Irish and Maori descent who is (in my stories) the soulmate/significant other of Elaine AppleBottom.

Born in Queensland but raised in California till he turned fourteen, he was once a lanky boy who was bullied in Elementary school. Having watched many Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies, the young dingo wanted to learn martial arts; he was in luck as his grandfather was a master in two styles that were invented in Hawaii. He soon moved back to Australia upon turning fourteen soon as his father was transferred, which he didn't argue; on the account, his grandfather passed away . . . After college, he moved back to America, but not the town he grew up in; though he did move in a city close by.

Growing up, he made many friends, though most lost contact with him. Three of which were close that they moved to the same city as the dingo. One would be a young Abyssinian cat named William O'Grady, who would soon become something of an . . "amorous actor".

When it comes to females, Ken pretty much had crappy luck when it came to finding love; he dated an aspiring model during his college years, but she constantly cheated with her photographer. To top it all off, they didn't even like each other that much so the relationship was broken off. Soon as he turned 25, he had inherited the "family curse" that causes any male from his dad's side to become a feral savage when extremely aroused. So finding a female to endure him without being scared off, injured, mentally scarred, or worse, was rare. That all changed when he met a doe named Elaine at a club a friend of his worked as a bouncer. Long story short: they became intimate "friends with benefits" before they realized how they truly felt for each other. What he found out too late was that he would be passed around by Elaine's friends, most of her sisters, even her own MOTHER (plus mother's friends). Another unexpected turn of events would lead him to meet up with girls from his childhood. Oh, the poor soul . . .

Ken's relationship with his family was slightly rocky/strained from his childhood to his teens, being closer to his grandfather Ken II and younger cousin Alex more than anyone. His relationship with his mother was positive as she was very loving and supportive; encouraging her son to try anything at least once. His father, on the other hand, was relatively tough of the pup, calling him a sissy all the times he was bullied, sometimes leading Ken II to subdue him. After Ken II passed away, Ken's relationship with his parents started to plummet.

One night during his third high school year, after an intense argument, Ken attacked his father in a blind rage; badly injuring one of the older canine's legss. Horrified by his action, Ken moved out of his house and cut and communication from his parents, even after moving back to America. It wouldn't be till after five years that Ken II had found where his son was living and surprised him as he waited outside the (crappiest in the elder dingo's opinion) apartment. Though Ken was in no mood for whatever his father was up to, Ken II was able to reach out to his son. He explained that he came to apologize; after the night of the argument, his wife took him to the hospital. He was shocked when she said she hoped his arm was truly in pain as he brought it and his son's rage upon himself after mentioning Ken III. She said other things, but he was too far in his own world to hear what they were. He was still stunned that his own son had attacked and injured him. He then went on to say how his wife had tried contacting him on many occasions for them to talk or make amends but became heartbroken when he never returned calls or letters.

The biggest shock was when they had both found out he had moved back to America and had left their letters untouched. His wife didn't speak as much, rest or eat for months after this. It was here that the older dingo revealed that he too was bullied as a young boy and though his father offered to teach him the styles that he taught the younger dingo; he refused. It was because of the bullying he went through that made the older canine hard on his son, even though a small part of him knew it was wrong. He also admitted that he was jealous of his father, because of how close the two of them were, they always talked about what bothered him, what he did at school, even what he did for a hobby; something he wished he was to his son more than any thing in the world, something that made Ken III resent his father for slightly.

He was, however, very much torn when the older Aussie passed away. He tried his best o fill the gap in his son's life and attempted to be more involved with him, though Ken would always reject. He stated that ever since that night, he felt that he was unfit to be a father after all the things he made his son go through; in time, his arm had recovered, his heart wasn't as fortunate. The older dingo acknowledged he didn't deserve forgiveness, but he wanted to fix things. He didn't want "another Ken III", a copy of himself, let alone a clone; he, honestly and truly, wanted his sone back! The son he had lost so many years ago. Touched by his father's apology and unable to contain himself, Ken also apologized for, not only the injury. For the first time in years, father and son were able to put the past behind them and finally had a heartfelt (and tearful) reunion; Ken's mother joining not long after.

Generally, though he prefers to keep busy, Ken is a kind and caring soul who prefers not to use violence. When working, he treats his superiors with the utmost, though he learned to stand up to an abusive superior during his days as a UPS delivery guy. He takes his position as a bodyguard with a passion, going to great lengths to ensure his charge is safe if the situation calls for it. As mentioned before, growing up, he was close with his grandfather, so much that his passing broke the young dingo's heart; it keep him from setting foot in the town he grew up. When it comes to females, he can be shy and awkward as someone looking for a prom date. Years of failed relationships (plus one unfaithful) made him feel inadequate about finding love, more so when he found out about Elaine's family reputation. He loves Elaine dearly, so much so that he may consider spending the rest of his life with her (may or will?). Despite his strong demeanor, Ken actually has a geek side when it comes to movies, TV shows, comic books, ect. He especially loves Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris inspired memorabilia. Though he's mostly calm and cool headed, it is very much possible for Ken to love pushed over the edge; though it's not recommended since he doesn't know his own strength when enraged . . .

A former UPS delivery guy, Ken now works as a Bodyguard-for-hire.

An MMA fighter at heart, Ken's a black belt (and similar concepts) in six various martial arts styles: Wun Hop Kuen Do and Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu taught by his grandfather; Jow Ga Kung Fu from Sifu Nathan Head ; Eskabo Daan by Grandmaster Robert Castro ; San Jieh Dao from Sigung Bahram Khozairy ?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwi6yo6chpfVAhVoqVQKHRZtAHYQFggwMAE& ; and Maphilindo Silat by Sigung/Guru Estaban Ramos.

Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)


All in all, Ken is a pretty descant guy to hang out with. He's sociable, friendly, and kind-hearted to anyone he meets; he also treats opposite sex with as much respect as he does the same, if not more should the situation demand. Despite his friendly personality, Ken can be very shy at times; especially in the presence of a lovely lady.
Though known to keep his temper in check, it's easy to push him over the edge when someone says or does anything to really, REALLY get to him; and you never, EVER want to piss him off that way.

An MMA fighter at heart, Ken takes his Martial Arts training so serious, it's become a way of life at this point. He takes his new jb to the upmost seriousness, especially since there are countless risks of injury or even death; though he seems casual on duty, till danger becomes apparent. Ever since standing up to a lazy and utterly abusive superior, Ken is more confrontational and willing to put his foot down.

Though Ken loves his family dearly, he and his father had a very strained relationship to the point where Ken despised him. He was especially close to his grand father, who was the one who first taught him Martial Arts. He was heartbroken when the elder canine didn't wake up one morning. He practically shut the whole world out. He did feel guilty after hurting his father after a particularly nasty arguement that had the young dingo distant himself from his family. Father and son have since reconciled and now have the relationship they wanted for years.

Ken immensly dislikes bullies and sometimes has a hard time trusting cobras, doesn't help one of aforementioned bullies was one, but does give them a chance. He is very close and protective of the friends he's made over the years and will have their backs anytime.

When it comes to Elaine, he would go through hell and back to see her smile. Despite their rough few days getting to know each other, especially since they were drunk (he more than her). After getting to know each other, they found that they truly did enjoy each other's company. Due to this, her mother and three of her sisters like to "play" with him, plus many of their friends; causing him to believe he's living a ZZ movie.

What no one knows (save the females) is that the males on his grandfather's side has a certain "charm" that attract certain types of females. But when aroused . . . he becomes a BEAST!

Weapons and Equipment:

Collapsible Batons
Collapsible Staff
Bowie Knives
Three Section Staff -
Dual Bastons

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