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Nell Thompson


17 December 2017 at 16:26:48 MST

Nell Thompson
Fennec Fox

WELL, this was a long time in the making but, ta-da! This is Nell!

Nell is a lifelong Extremely Obese person, pretty much. She has some kind of metabolic condition and has been fat pretty much her whole life and unable to move much independently for about a decade. She eats HUGELY and often and she always gains weight and it's impossible for her to lose any of that weight. And yet? Nell isn't bummed out about her weight. She gets by as best as she could like this and still enjoys life, even if immobile, and encourages other to be as self-accepting.

She has been friends with Zandra since she attended fat-positivity club meetings many, many years ago and her experiences have also been helpful to Zandra in her own self-acceptance with dealing with her OWN weight. I have other details to figure out with Nell with what she does with her time and what she may do to stay productive but I certainly know that she's a HUGE kid-at-heart. Unashamably so, both in her personality and with her media interests. She also really enjoys being with friends too, of course, wether in-person or talking online.

I won't go too deep into the description of this, but I'll certainly say that I've thought about this character for about 3 years and was never sure how best to start with utilising her and wasn't confident in how people would receive her but considering what Nell had always represented to me and what I realised she did later on, I feel very happy to have her be an official part of my roster now and I hope people're fine with having her around! (No pun intended)

I might end up posting more art before the year's through but its no promise so...stay tuned, just in case!

Oh, and one more thing, I also want to state that any similarities to any other character are coincidental. Many characters I've been working on I've paused work on because I felt people might feel my creations are too derivative, but I'm trying not to worry about that and just go with what I feel I want to create in the ways I feel comfortable. Thanks~

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    EDIT: I had to repost this because I needed to fix the thumbnail and simply uploading it post-submitting when I realised what I had done wasn't working. x3

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    She's a really big fennec. Nice work.