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Eric Vector


26 November 2017 at 08:35:57 MST

Eric Vector
594yrs old (appears teenaged)
Western Dragon

Whelp, here’s something LBP related again. I had decided to create two new characters for an upcoming short story I’m writing. Anyway, onto the info!

Name: Eric Vector

Nick Names: Tigers Stripes, Mustard, Small Horn & Purple Knight

Appearance:Appears to be an anthrophormorphic dragon with a high of 6’6. Legs are plantigrade . A bit muscular but fairly slim. His horns are brown & fairly sized. Has yellow scales with purple tiger stripes on his arms & back. His wing membrane, wing horns & underbelly. Eyes are the color purple tom match his purple accents. Pupils are slits as like other dragons of his type. All claws are in the same shade of purple.

Insignia: A stylised orange “R” that glows.

Personally: Eric often likes to keep to himself and rarely socializes with others outside his small circle. He’s afraid to open up to new people, fearing they might hate him. With his close friends, he likes to talk about a whole bunch of stuff. He’s not really the jokester of the group but has a really good sense of humor. Eric has a high sense of honor & respect. He can get fierce if you pose a threat to him and his close ones.

Bio: Born in the 1400’s, Eric was raise during time where knights started to become obsolete. He lived with his parents and a younger brother in a cave outside a relatively small village in Western Europe. However his family got separated during an attack on the cave by the villagers, who suspected the family for slaughtering the livestock. At first he hated humans, but after a few years he began to observe their culture and started to take a liking to them. He traveled across the world learning different cultures and writing down his experiences in his journal. His final destination was in America, where he would spend most of his days observing the culture. He didn’t have any real friends until 1979, when he met a farmer in Alabama. The farmer offered him to live with him on the condition that he guards and protects the farm from predators and robbers. Throughout the 80’s, he began collecting things like artwork, VHS tapes, cassettes, transformer toys and keychains. When the farmer passed away, he left Eric his house and a small fortune in his will. During the 90’s, Eric began his search for new friends, only to run into issues like gang violence, drugs and corruption. Because of the trauma, his will to be friendly to everyone he met vanished and was only friendly to a small amount of people who he saw as good. His second friend was a woman who worked in finance and physiology. They met at a New Years party in 1999 in New York and sense then had become good friends. She taught Eric about banking and managing money sense he really didn’t know how to spend smart at the time. Overall the years in the new millennial, Eric lived a docile live. As of now he’s trying his best to adjust to the new technology and trends along with his new best friend who happens to be a particular cabbid(I’ll mention him later).

Likes: The moon, laser tag, the color red, spicy food, bird watching, castings spells, the beach, writing, media from the 80’s, painting, swords, reading, riding his bicycle, old toys and flowers.

Dislikes: excessive violence, drugs, rats, the 40’s, annoying sounds, people who are fake, spoiled rotten kids, bad luck and lack of manners.

Skills: Spell casting, flight, and crafting.

Strength: Very Strong

Speed: Above Average

Intelligence: Very High

Family: Mother, Father, Torch(Yonger brother)

Friends: Farmer Bob(deceased), Lara and Ian.

Vehicle: Yellow 1999 BMW M3 E36(rarely drives it)

Ok I think that’s enough to make him pop. I’ll probably expand more on this one I start developing the storyline.

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