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Eric Vector


26 November 2017 at 08:35:57 MST

Eric Vector
594yrs old (appears teenaged)
Western Dragon

Nicknames: Small Horn, Mustard, Skyblitz, Piss dragon(Only called by Blaze) & Gold Wing

Gender: Male

Species: Western Dragon

Appearance: Appears to be an anthropomorphic dragon with a high of 6’6. Legs are plantigrade . A bit muscular but fairly slim. His horns are brown & fairly sized. Has yellow scales with purple tiger stripes on his arms & back. His wing membrane, wing horns & underbelly. Eyes are the color purple tom match his purple accents. Pupils are slits as like other dragons of his type. All claws are in the same shade of purple.

Age: 594yrs old (appears around 26-30)

Personality: Eric can be a bit of a know-it all at times, but can be tolerable to hang out with. When he’s not busy working at the bank or doing alchemy with Midnite, he likes to kick back and read his ass off. Humor is a weak spot for this guy, as it’s dry as a desert. He’s sociable, but only to a few type of people. If he thinks you’re irrelevant to him, he’ll ignore you as if you don’t exist. His anger is quite common as he often deals with the frustrations & annoyances of both Ian & Sacktaur. Eric also tends to catch some hell from Blaze, as she dislikes him for scaring her as a child(Even though it was unintentional). Eric also has a bit of cowardice within him so expect hi to try and use someone as a human shield or running away screaming like a complete bitch.

Bio: Born in the 1400’s, Eric was raise during time were knights started to become obsolete. He lived with his parents and a younger brother in a cave outside a relatively small village in Western Europe. However his family got separated during an attack on the cave by the villagers, who suspected the family for slaughtering the livestock. At first he hated humans, but after a few years he began to observe their culture and started to take a liking to them. He traveled across the world learning different cultures and writing down his experiences in his journal. His final destination was in America, where he would spend most of his days observing the culture. He didn’t have any real friends until 1932, where he met a farmer & a scientist. Eric would help his new pals while studying alchemy & finance. Later on the farmer wrote Eric into his will & when he passed away Eric inherited 1.6 million dollars. With the money he invested in some stocks and stated an electronics company in 1979 called Vector. In the meantime he met Silverwing, who helped promote his products. Unfortunately he was devastated by Silverwing death and fell into a state of depression, they he shared a tight friendship with each other. The two would cross paths again in 2002 when Eric discovers that Silverwing is now Mindrite. Around the same time, he met Blaze & Sacktaur as toddlers, but that didn’t go so well. As of today, Eric is a multi billionaire. He still enjoys magic & alchemy, but hates the current generation.

Likes: Reading, Music, Gold, 70’s-80’s, Magic & History

Dislikes: Smartphones(Even the ones his company makes), JDM, Glitch, The Current generation of kids, Sacktaur, Being called old, When people don’t laugh at his jokes & Cartoons

Skills: Math, Reading, Magic & Alchemy

Strength: High

Speed: Average

Intelligence: Very High

Family: TBA

Friends: Mindite, Xterine, Issac & Jace

Vehicle: Yellow BMW M5

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