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Abiodun Skullfang


17 November 2017 at 10:27:51 MST

Abiodun Skullfang
24 (Birthdate: December 1st, 1992)
Monkey / Tiger mix (Anthro)

= Hobbies / interests: Video games, card games, beautiful landscapes, sketching, painting (The rest has not been specified.)
= Personality: Easy-going, overly-curious, and loyal to her friends; she may be a bit hyper at times. Not trusting of strangers, however. (She's also the most MISCHIEVOUS, among all 4 of the siblings,)

A fact about Abiodon, and her three siblings; in a foreign country, from BEFORE it was liberated, from a fascist government, they were slaves, that were formerly homeless orphans, that got captured by surprised, by armed slave traders. Thing is, they all survived easily, thanks to sneaky tactics. Thing is, allied forces had taken Abiodun, (alongside her three siblings; two brothers and a sister) in, for their safety.

And in case ANY of them were insane, they were briefly sent to a ward, for their safety, and to make sure none of them lost their sanity. Abiodun, alongside her two brothers, were identified, to be sane. Her older sister however, was considered "insane", due to anger management issues. Fortunately, they were given their own room; which was one of the larger ones.

Eventually, some kid within the Skullfang Clan, (an independent clan of Samurai & Ninjas, with their headquarters, being somewhere within San Francisco, California, in the United States) had befriended all 4 of them. Since he had the budget & the room, his master, ended up accepting them, as his students, and welcomed them, to join their clan.

These days, Abiodun, despite her very outgoing, hyper side of her personality, is actually shy, around her secret, romantic crush, behind the same boy, that visited her and her siblings, back then...

= Abiodun Skullfang, alongside the artwork, are © by me

Ref details:

= #1: Body pattern ref (Barbie-doll nudity; the non-suggestive G-rated kind.)
= #2: Swimwear (The swimwear she has, is also comfortable enough, that it's also often worn, as an undergarment. Also useful, in case of swimming, or wet clothing; various conditions, like that.) She also has a collar, with the clan's crest, on it.
= #3: Striped socks and gloves, with the rest
= #4: Dress outfit (The complete main outfit, itself. Also added, are spiked garters, metal-toed pixie boots, and a dress / robe of some sort, that was inspired by both yukatas, (a type of Japanese kimono) and Chinese dresses. In addition, it has zippers on the side, so if she needed to, she could make the slips on it, stick out more. (Also useful, for various reasons, such as hot weather.) There's also a zipper on the back, so if she needs to, she can take it off. She also wears a metallic belt, to go with it.

P.S.; I plan on drawing her siblings, in the future.

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