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Tzrexter Kqnorr


13 November 2017 at 06:31:59 MST

Tzrexter Kqnorr
253 lbs

Physical Description:

Species name: Gryzf, Binomial name: Gblor Gryzifli
Male Gryzf are slightly stockier than female and a bit taller than females.
Fur color can range; silvery grey, grey, dark-grey to very dark grey.
Eye color can be; Light-red, red, blood-red to deep red eyes,
Their bone density are lower than of humans but their bones are much stronger than human and are made of an organic-carbonfiber and hypermineralized collagen which makes their skeletal structure strong.
They have strong skin and are more resistant to wounds than humans.
They can live up to ~256 years.
They lay eggs
They're neither demons and neither gargoyles.
They are Cathemeral (active both at night and day).
Their feet are like hands, they have long toes and can grab things similar to birds however their claws will pierce the victim's body.
They have a kind of monarchy system.
They have special glands close of their wings that flows high red-blood cells and watery-red fluid to keep their hairless wings warm in cold weather.
They are mainly solitary but they fight in clans.

Character profile:

Tzrexter Kqnorr was hatched in 02-27-1989.
Kqnoor is often called a "Lycan lover" because his best friend is a lycan/werewolf.
Kqnoor is a Gnostic-Atheist.
Kqnoor can speak lycan language but he's horrible at it.
Kqnorr has good taste in music, he like all sort of music.
Kqnorr does sculpting for a living.
Kqnorr love living in quiet environments and avoid the city unless he needs something there and or to do tradings.
Kqnorr like exploring areas and travelling around by flying.


Aggressive, defensive, can be hostile toward his enemies.
He's nice to whoever is nice with him.
He's somewhat evasive in when it comes in asking his blood type, he consider it very personal.
He has a deep dislike toward farmers, he avoid them and avoid trouble.
He doesn't play any sports but he exercise a lot.
Despite being a carnivore he hates bacon, he find it to have a taste of being too greasy.
Toward strangers his alignment would be (a bit good/neutral)
Toward friends he has a pretty cool altitude and he shows deep kindness.
While not a vegetarian he has deep contempt and deep hatred towards individuals who kills animals for their own amusement.
He's an animal lover.
He generally oppose capital punishment.

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