David Satterfield by Leo the Tiger

David Satterfield

Leo the Tiger

6 November 2017 at 13:54:35 MST

David Satterfield
195 lbs.

David Satterfield and His Wolfpack—The Backstory

David Satterfield is Wildcat City’s top rocking wolf, and his Wolfpack are a force to be reckoned with when they back him up. The band consists of:
• David Satterfield—lead vocals, lead guitar
• Richard Abronson—rhythm guitar, vocals
• Patrick Delk—rhythm guitar, occasional acoustic guitar, vocals
• Brock Michten—bass guitar, occasional acoustic guitar, vocals
• Oliver Jonez—keyboard/piano/synthesizer, vocals
• Grayson Traps—drums

The band was formed in Wildcat City, like many other top furry rock bands, when David posted an ad stating he was an up-and-coming recording artist who won a $250,000 recording contract in a contest looking for new talent (as posted by a local talent agency who has asked to remain nameless). The catch was that his backup band had to have nothing but wolves (as was tradition of all furry bands to have the same animal until Furry Fury, Nathan Knight's band, broke the rule and used a mix, along with a few other bands).

Note that progressive rock was the genre to be involved in at the time, even though it seemed was dying out in favor of 1980s techno (but a few bands valiantly fought back and brought hard rock/heavy metal back into the scene), but note that the furry community was behind the human population in terms of musical progression, and many furry musicians that choose any sort of pop music in Wildcat City choose hard rock.

The first to respond to the ad was Grayson, who proved himself worthy one day when rocking out in his garage as David walked by to say hello. “You don’t have to say a single word,” David replied when Grayson finished his solo. “You’re hired!” From there, the two wolves, now best friends, seeked and found the rest of the wolves necessary.

Their debut album was called “Howl,” and since then, they’ve produced several more albums, including “Howlin’ in the Moonlight,” “Stay Right Here,” “I Met a Girl,” “Piece of the Jigsaw,” and their most notable album, “Don’t Stop Flying the Flag,” which won a Grammy and was the first album of theirs to go diamond (although all their others that I mentioned went platinum). The title track also won praise from Leo the Patriotic Lion, who claimed the song’s message matched the message in a speech he gave. “They did in song what I only could have done in the spoken word,” he once said.

Today, David and his Wolfpack continue to rock the nation along with Furry Fury, the Bengal 9, the Hijackers, and several other top furry bands that love performing for the public on stage, including at Rockapalooza festivals, which attract millions of Americans each year. (This is the city’s equivalent to Woodstock). Just remember this: the wolf wearing black clothes with the sunglasses is David!

Due to issues with CNG immortalizations, David and his wolves are all frozen at 30 years of age.

David credits the band T. Rex and its frontman, the late Marc Bolan, with being his biggest inspiration; indeed, his theme song is his cover version of the song "Rock On:"


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