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Cassidy Pierce - Rogue Werewolf


26 October 2017 at 20:33:12 MDT

Cassidy Pierce - Rogue Werewolf
190 lbs

Physical Description
Caucasian, long blonde hair, medium build. In werewolf form he is a dark brown.

Biographical Data
Raised in a wealthy household, Cassidy Pierce was given the best of everything. After his mother passed his father mostly depended on the staff to raise him showing little interest in the boy except for occasionally indulging him in a little bit of wine and conversation. By and large Cassidy forged his own fun falling in with other young men approximately his age more or less doing as he pleased, much to his father's displeasure.

Arrogant, self centered, and rebellious, he would commit various acts in an effort to get his father's attention, reveling in the scandal and scorn it brought upon his father's perfect empire and image.

Personal Statement
"Most people don't know what to expect when they become werewolves. It's not like in the movies where you wander into the forest and get attacked by a wolf. The selection process isn't random and we don't go around turning anyone who wanders by. No. To become a werewolf you have to be chosen. You never know when the Pack is watching you, reviewing you for candidacy. They take only those they want and only those that are willing.

I was chosen when I was seventeen. My fool of a father had thrown me out for having a little fun. We had more than enough money to fix the car and that wine was exquisite! It's the only thing my father and I ever really had in common, our love of wine. I was turned by a beautiful wolfess who liked my charms, she said I was exciting and sensed my power. She turned me under the light of a full moon and I felt alive like I'd never felt before.

My body was on fire as she bit me and I began to turn. Under the full moon, we have no choice but to let it happen. The first thing that happened was the sharpening of my teeth. I felt my hands and feet twist and reshape, deadly claws forming where my fingernails had been. Soon enough, my feet stretched enough that they tore my shoes apart. I pulled open my shirt to watch the fur grow over my chest, the muscles becoming stronger and more toned. Words became momentarily lost to me as my face stretched out to become a lupine muzzle. My tail burst forth from my pants and grew until I could feel it moving behind me.

Once the change was complete the wolfess beamed proudly at her work and showed me how to run. After we mated, I returned to my home where I found my father. He cowered before me as I snarled in his face. When he realized who I was, I poured myself a glass of his finest wine and spilled the rest on his face as I called him a foolish old man.

I'll never forget the look on his face when I ripped his guts out and left him to bleed on a ten thousand dollar carpet.

After I returned, the wolfess told me that I had to meet the rest of the werewolves and the Pack leadership. I must admit, I'd expected more from them. Evidently they told me that my benefactor was a bit of a black sheep despite her being entirely white and that I was a poor choice. No matter, I didn't need them anyways. I learned what I could from them and then left their Pack behind. I suspect they'll send someone after me, but I'll deal with that if and when it comes.

I must return to my estate and claim my inheritance, and when I do I shall leave it all behind and start my own pack. One that does not subscribe to their foolish ideas of human coexistence. I intend to choose the best and the strongest. When the time comes, I'll seize control before anyone knows whats happening. The world has no idea werewolves exist. For now, it'll stay that way. When it changes, it'll be on MY terms."

Character is  LaurenRivers

Art by  jakkal

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