Log Horizon Fan Character - Naja by Noxomra

Log Horizon Fan Character - Naja


12 October 2017 at 14:30:22 MDT

Log Horizon Fan Character - Naja
Human (Real World) / Elf (In Game)

Occupation: Web Developer (Real World) / Assassin with Sigilmancer Subclass (In Game)

Personality: In the real world Naja is shy, quiet, reserved and scared to death of people. She doesn't leave her place unless it's absolutely necessary, having everything from food to general necessities delivered. Her only solace is in the internet, in the games she plays and the work she does, and she likes it that way.

However, behind the mask of anonymity online Naja is strong, confident and loud. She gets along well with other people because they cannot see her real emotions, they do not know her history or who she really is. Because of this Naja can laugh with them, call the people her friends and live a life that she cannot get in the real world.

Back Story: Naja was born in the US to a teenage whore mother who didn't even know who the father was. Shortly after her birth she was put up for adoption and taken in by what seemed like a nice couple but only in appearances. Her new mother was mentally, verbally and emotionally abusive towards her new father and he left when she was only eight years old. Unable to get custody of the young girl because of the courts bias towards the mother he left and never came back into her life, leaving the mother to turn all the abuse on her. Between the divorce and the abuse Naja grew up pretty messed in the head, barely squeaking past high school. No one would believe that her mother who seemed like such a nice woman could ever abuse her, and over time they started to believe that if abuse was occurring it was because Naja had done something to deserve it.

After high school Naja simply left home. She waited until that summer when her mother left to visit family out of town and left her home. Years of saving up money from lunch allowances and doing odd jobs around the neighborhood had her a few thousand dollars in cash which she used to move in with a friend she had made on the internet. From there Naja worked her butt off to support herself, getting a minimum wage job while she went to college for a degree and in that time she began to play the MMO Elder Tale as a way to make new friends and enjoy herself. Six years and two degrees later Naja began working for a web development company and moved herself out to Japan to be near her friend Auryn since the two had founded a guild within Elder Tale together and Japan had always been Naja's dream, she had studied the language to better communicate with Auryn in her native tongue and knew the culture well from hanging out with her friend.

Four years later Naja was still living in her small apartment in Japan close to where Auryn was when the Novasphere Pioneers expansion for Elder Tale came out. She still played the game frequently to check in on her guild and friends and talk to Auryn because the girl was sickly in the real world and often not up to seeing people in the real world. This would be different, however, as logging in that day trapped her in the game along with millions of other players. With a new reality at her disposal, her best friend at her side and both having bodies not as sick as their own in the real world Naja bucked up and accepted the challenge to help shape their new world into something better.

(Avatar image made with Subeta's on site wardrobe function and copyright Subeta. Character is mine, everything else copyright t he creators of Log Horizon.)

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