Glanz-Terres Character - Alina Anissa by Noxomra

Glanz-Terres Character - Alina Anissa


12 October 2017 at 11:57:03 MDT

Glanz-Terres Character - Alina Anissa

Guild: None

Personality: For as kind a captain as she is, Alina can also be harsh. She will not tolerate sexism, believing that women are just as good as pirates as men. She also will not tolerate talk of mutiny, making sure that her crew is happy and loyal. She has a softer side that she keeps hidden, but she does open up to some of the crew who have been around for a long time knowing that they will keep her reputation for being not quite as soft as that.

Back Story: Born in a small village in Sanquil, Alina was raised by the Star Dragons guild as anyone else in the area would be once it was determined she had no magical power despite her unusually colored violet eyes. However, Alina always hated it. She loved learning, but she hated that the guild was so stuffy about it.

When she turned eighteen Alina was given the same choice as everyone else; become a formal part of the guild and take on one of the three jobs since she had not qualified to be an Enforcer or go off on her own, detach from the guild and its Patron Goddesses, and take her chances in the rest of the world. Alina chose the latter, for though she sought adventure and the idea of possibly becoming a Seeker was enticing she wanted to leave the guild behind.

The first thing the young woman did was seek out her birth parents, for she had been taken from them by the Enforcers when she was only a few days old. Her mother found her first, having been keeping tabs on the girl and counting every birthday until she was eighteen. Turns out that the woman had agreed to birth her daughter on land for safety's sake and only agreed to give her up because it would be better to be raised by a guild then spend her life on the run. Of course she'd had confidence that her daughter would want the life of adventure, and had planned to pick her up no matter what she chose.

Happy to finally have someone to call family and understanding her mother's choices, Alina joined the pirate fleet and was given charge of one of her own boats. It's one of the smaller ones but the crew respects Alina and her rule and tries their best to help her out where they can. Alina still runs with her mother's fleet and is content with that, knowing that some day her mother will hand it over to her and she needs to be ready to take over when the time comes.

(Avatar image made with Subeta's on site wardrobe function and copyright Subeta. Character and setting are mine, no using without permission.)

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