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Chandler Aron


11 October 2017 at 13:30:53 MDT

Chandler Aron

this Chandler is the re-boot of the older version(the one with black hair)

full name: Silviu Aron (seal-view ah-ron)

Nickname: Chandler

birth date: December 25,1966(Age 32)

year in their world: 1998

height:179cm/ 5.8 feet

World Wars that occurred till 1998 : 3 world wars( he fought only in the third one.He was 18 when the third started and 23 when it ended)

He is a soul decipher and he is the guardian of some portals made by other soul decipher predecessors.

relationship status: single( Soul deciphers never marry and never get involved into love relationships)

children: no

siblings: Adrian and Tandri Aron

sexual orientation: hetero

hobby: sculpture and drawing

This new Chandler it no longer has royal blood. He is a regular person.

personality: He understand other's feelings very well and he tries not to judge, instead,he is trying to understand people.Because of his soul decipher abilities,he can see more than we do,he can see the deep wounds that other humans have in their soul and how it affects them.He can also heal these wounds.

People feel weird around him because nobody likes to be an open book,but even though he figure out your deepest secrets and weaknesses,he usually does not take advantage of them and does not share your secrets.He take measures only when you can be a really danger to others but even then,he keep your secrets.But even like that,people don't have the chance to meet him often because he is a loner and live God knows where.He appear only when he is needed.He knows where he is needed because another ability of his is to feel the amount of stress and fear from different regions of the area that he is protecting.

Appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes.Part of his hair is in a ponytail,the rest is left down on his shoulders.He might seem bored and grumpy.He smile sometimes,but not laugh.He is aware of other's struggles all the time,so he cannot be fully happy.Being a soul decipher provide you a lot of strength that humans dont have,but even this strength need to be share with the people of the area he's taking care of.1/3 of that is going to the people that are in distress, depression and other struggles and is meant to continously heal them and make them feel better.During wars and other disasters, Deciphers give even more than that,even 2/3 of their strength.

weaknesses: His soul can be kept hostage by some tricks, his past still affects him and mess up with his life,heart disease and his speed is not that great in battles

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