Glanz-Terres Character - Rose Weiss by Noxomra

Glanz-Terres Character - Rose Weiss


11 October 2017 at 11:19:13 MDT

Glanz-Terres Character - Rose Weiss
Trans female

Guild: None

Personality: Rose doesn't particularly like people, and in fact has as little social interaction as she can manage. Checking out books for study, getting food and other supplies, and hitting the testing range for a new creation are really the only reasons she leaves her house. There are some people she must talk to, some colleges in her field when she's stuck, but other than that Rose is completely isolated and prefers it that way.

Back Story: Rose was born to The Star Dragons, found to have no magic, and was raised to be a Seeker. When she turned eighteen, however, rather than leaving the guild entirely she went into a different profession. Airship mechanics aren't formally trained but often show an interest in the inner workings of the things from a young age and choose to take the training when they graduate. So it was with Rose, and within a year of taking on the job she had learned almost everything, showing a level of intelligence and understanding that stunned even the people around her in a guild dedicated to knowledge.

Eventually she married a young Scribe named Celeste. His job was to help keep the guild's archives, and it worked because while he was often working late making copies of the old scrolls or transcribing things the Seekers had brought in Rose was also often working late to finish a job. They coordinated their days off with ease and rarely saw one another outside of those times but as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Both of them took every day they had together and spent it with love, doing things together and making sure they kept their relationship healthy. Neither had time to cheat anyway, and not seeing one another 24/7 kept arguments at bay.

Sadly such happiness was not to last. Eventually Celeste passed away in an accident, and Rose was devastated. She spiraled into depression, throwing herself into her work until her boss gave her indefinite paid leave because he was afraid she'd hurt herself. Without an airship to work on and a way to keep her hands busy Rose turned instead to trying to make robots. The tech doesn't exist to make anything sophisticated and it turned her into somewhat of a recluse, but that's fine with her. Robots don't die, if they break she can fix them. That way she'll never be alone again, and won't have to suffer a loss like she did with Celeste.

(Artwork by and commissioned for this character. Character and setting are mine, no using without permission.)

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