Glanz-Terres Character - Tokala by Noxomra

Glanz-Terres Character - Tokala


4 October 2017 at 08:39:36 MDT

Glanz-Terres Character - Tokala
Half Breed

Guild: The Star Dragons

Division: Scribe

Personality: For the most part Tokala is happy. He knows what he is but can't say anything because he's aware he won't be too accepted if it comes out that he's a half breed and not a myat. That takes its toll on one over time, but still he tries to smile and continue his work as best he can because that's what keeps his mind off things and helps him cope with everything else that happens. Besides, talking to the Seekers as they come in with new information is always fun because they always have interesting stories to share.

Back Story: Tokala was born to The Star Dragons, raised in their ranks as a Scribe and was fairly good at it. He realized from an early age that he was not like other myat, however, as none of the ones he saw had nearly as much animal to their appearance as he did. After looking through the archives he found information on things called half breeds, an offspring who had one parent in a humanoid race such as myat or elf and and another in a nonhumanoid race like drakes or unicorns, most of which can assume a human form that is mistaken for a myat. In most cases the humanoid parent has no idea unless the other reveals itself or the child is born since it's easy enough to tell that the child is not a myat, though they are often passed off for one their entire lives and usually have no idea of their half breed status.

Still, Tokala tried not to let the information bother him and went on with his life, staying on with the guild when he turned eighteen and keeping his job as a Scribe. Their main function is to keep the archives in order, talk to the Seekers to catalog the stories they bring in about the outside world and retrieve any information that people ask for and it's a job he likes so he's happy to keep it for the rest of his life.

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