Glanz-Terres Character - Gizmo Dwyer by Noxomra

Glanz-Terres Character - Gizmo Dwyer


3 October 2017 at 18:06:36 MDT

Glanz-Terres Character - Gizmo Dwyer

Guild: The Star Dragons

Division: Scribe Trainer

Personality: Gizmo believes that incentive is the best way to teach so he treats his students with kindness and offers them plenty of reason to do their studies. Each of his kids means a lot to him and he wants to see them succeed so he has become good at reading people and having a lot of empathy for them so that he can make sure they are in good health both physically and mentally. While this can get him into trouble sometimes he knows he can always count on Gadget to help him no matter what and that is what keeps him going.

Back Story: Taken in by The Star Dragons, Gizmo was of course kept on when it was revealed he had no magic. From early on he liked teaching others and had a knack for learning, which basically meant that he fit in just fine within the guild dedicated to knowledge. However rather than being trained in one of the three well known categories within the guild Gizmo was raised to be one of the guild's trainers, meaning he would spend his time being one of the ones that trained the future students. His teacher had a pet fox and taught that it was always best for them to have a pet so that their students could have an animal to interact with and so they could have a little assistance with some of the more troubled kids. As soon as he turned eighteen Gizmo stayed with the guild and picked up Gadget from a shop in town that sold various pets and stayed with the guild. The following year he took on his first students and has been teaching kids in the art of being Scribes ever since with Gadget at his side helping him when he needs it.

(Avatar image made with Subeta's on site wardrobe function and copyright Subeta. Character and setting are mine, no using without permission.)

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