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In his early childhood and teenage, Steelite was an ordinary minotaur-phoenix hybrid with a simple and straightforward dream : becoming either a fierce warrior like his father, the chieftain of his tribe, or a talented magician like his mother, the oracle of her order. However, even up until his adulthood, Steelite still found himself at a loss, not knowing which path to take, finding himself equally decent at both, but without true mastery over neither.
Not long later, Steelite developed an interest, then a passion, for craftsmanship, and decided to be a weapon designer for both his parents' sides. His weapons hit hard and are just as hard to break, either of pure steel and iron for the minotaur tribe, or of enchanted gemstones for the phoenix order.
At the age of 20, the curious and adventurous Steelite decided to set out on a journey to discover the worlds and universe around him, and aim to become stronger.
As he ventured forth, he discovered and learned forbidden, reality-breaking and physics-defying powers, such as blood-cleansing, bone-conjuring, tombstone-summoning, time-manipulating, dimension-altering, soundwave-bending, and many more. Amazed at his newfound power, he began a tyrannicide anywhere he came across, to purge the worlds off the dark force. Monsters, demons, or even gods, he faced against them all, and left none alive.
However, he soon came to notice that the people he saved were still frightened, perhaps even more than before ; some even thought he'd just be the new tyrant instead. He didn't understand why, but found the unspoken answer for himself soon enough. He realized that taking down the main bad guy doesn't mean complete victory in the long run.
A year later, he decided to take a break from the journey and returned home to recollect himself, as well as to tell his parents of his tales. However, to his shock, his mother had passed away, of old age, just half an hour before he finally came back.
During his grief of mourning his mother's death, Steelite felt that all his powers were a complete waste, as he used them only for fighting, conquering, and murdering. As his emotions slowly recovered, he thought that he had wasted his life for nothing but meaningless and pointless fights, and that he had dishonored his mother's order and family. He decided to redeem himself by using his powers to grant "creation, protection and restoration" to the worlds in their troubled times instead, even if it'd mean defying the tyrants' iron fists some more.

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