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In his early childhood and teenage, Steelite was an ordinary minotaur with a simple and straightforward dream : becoming either a fierce warrior like his father, the retired chieftain of the minotaur tribe, or a talented herbalist like his mother, of the phoenix clan. Towards his adulthood, he found it far too difficult for him to follow his mother's path, and decided to settle with his father's, but still felt uncertain about it.
As he grew up, he met caravans passing by and trading goods with his father's tribe and his mother's clan. He also encountered merchants recently attacked by bandits or hostile animals along the way, who took shelter at his tribe/clan. During these times, he'd join with the minotaur warriors and hunters to eliminate the threats, while the phoenix herbalists treated the injured merchants.

The first time he saw weapons designed different from his tribe's style, he was fascinated, and wanted to have one. However, he could only pick one for free, and went for gladius of the pack.
Eventually, from these encounters where he'd retrieve weapons, armors and the likes, Steelite developed an interest, then a passion, for craftsmanship, and decided to be a weapon-smith.
Somewhere around 2015, Steelite opened his own brand known as "Elite Kit", and set off on a lone journey into other regions of the lands, hoping to learn more about improving and perfecting his craftsmanship, as well as making a living for his own. While he did make significant successes here and there to build up his reputation, the young and inexperienced blacksmith also got into troubles with those that accused him of stealing their designs, along with other rumors of the likes.
His business lasted for only a year, however, when he decided to refund (but still let the customers keep the products), and thought he'd resign from this profession.
The following year, 2017, Steelite decided to reopen his brand, this time focusing solely on steel and iron, instead of colorful gemstones like before. His designs also became simpler and more refined, with much less color patterns. This time, fortune smiled upon his business... but not his mother's fate, who passed away on August 10th due to a fatal disease. His family was in debt due to his father trying to afford additional medical treatment for his sick mother, and his weapon-crafting business was once again put on the line.

Even with help from the rest minotaur tribe and the phoenix clan, his mother's death isn't the only darkness that glooms over the fate of his family in the far future.

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