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Eralon Deity - Ticaros


3 September 2017 at 22:58:52 MDT

Eralon Deity - Ticaros

Personality: Everything you could think of when you hear the word 'fire' is exactly what Ticaros is.

He finds things he can be passionate about easily and does them with a great amount of energy and enthusiasm, but he prefers dealing with material things as opposed to the world of the living. Other people make him angry very easily, save for the fire majin he created in his own image. Ticaros is also incredibly bright, having made more than one great advance to the technology of the world in his time.

However, despite his flaws and the general dislike of living beings Ticaros knows how important his work force is to the wealth of his country. Because of this, the God does not fear walking amongst his people and helping them where he can. Sometimes he even teaches the young ones working in the forges when he's out and about, and is always open to granting audiences with people when they come to see him. He's both harsh and kind all in the same time, which is why people look up to him with a mixture of fear and respect.

Back Story: Through the events that shaped Eralon into how it was today, Ticaros was the first to establish his lands in the northwest of Eralon, on the only two continents to hold volcanoes in the world. The flowing lava made the perfect heat for his forges, and soon after returning when humans ruled the world he had turned the barren landscape into the largest producer of weapons in all of Eralon. The lava flows also made for a rich source of minerals and metals, and the God developed a system to extract them from the cooled lava. Since the nation cannot grow its own food they export the weapons they make in exchange for fruits, vegetables and meats from other nations.

Ticaros himself rules the nation in a stern but understanding way, and lives each day one at a time doing his best to keep his country running seamlessly.

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