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Ivar Björn Orvarsson


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Ivar Björn Orvarsson

Nickname(s): Little one (by Shortwing), Cub (by Ripfang)
Creation date: Spring 2011
Species: Human
Gender: Male (he/him)
Age: 13? 14?
Height: 152 cm
Status: Alive
Purpose in life: To find other flocks of gryphons / to discover a place where Shortwing can stay and live with her own kind / to befriend as many strange beasts as possible, apparently

Place of origin: Solstice Village, Skaga
Occupation: Having left his home together with Shortwing, his gryphon friend, Ivar is traveling around the country. He is determined to find a suitable home for Shortwing - somewhere where she can live with other gryphons, away from people who may want to hurt her. to Along the way, he befriends beasts who will probably try to eat him at some point... to Shortwing's eternal frustration.
Language(s): ???

Personality: Ivar is a kind and friendly kid who much prefers befriending someone than fearing them, humans and beasts alike. He enjoys talking to people regardless if he knows them well or not, though he's quick to notice if others find him annoying. If he feels his presence is unwelcome, he'll quietly leave and probably not approach that person again.

Having lived in his secluded village all his life, Ivar isn't very knowledgeable about the outside world and its people (not to mention its dangers), but he is eager to learn. He's curious and easily impressed by things that are foreign to him, such as magic. Maybe someday he'll learn to be more cautious, but for now, he's all too happy to ask wandering magicians to show him their magic. This curiosity extends to beasts as well, which he'll happily approach unless they're showing clear signs of aggression. Doesn't know what's best for him, that one. He does have an odd affinity for getting along with a medley of different beasts, though.

It's hard to get him angry. In fact, none of his friends have ever seen him being anything more than annoyed. He's more likely to get upset and sad over someone treating him badly, but even then he's quick to forgive if given a sincere apology. The easiest way to upset him is to threaten him or Shortwing. If he thinks someone might hurt him or one of his friends, it'll be very hard for that person to earn his trust.

Though not hesitant to interact with people, he often has to lie or leave out details so as not to reveal the fact that he makes friends with beasts. This unfortunately makes it hard to get close to people. He'd like to make some human friends, but most would be frightened away by his closeness to "dangerous" creatures.

History: Born in Solstice Village, a remote and somewhat backwater village in the east surrounded by woods, Ivar spent most of his short life in relative peace. He grew up in a small house with his caretaker, Solveig, who had raised him since before he could speak. Though he only had one friend in the village, he didn't mind much; most of his time was spent playing in the forest or bothering the village's librarian.

The librarian was a well-traveled, older person who had once trekked around the entirety of Skaga and beyond (or so they claimed). But most importantly, they had a large amount of knowledge of various beasts. Ivar would pester them to teach him about this and that critter, and sometimes the librarian would read the books for him, since he couldn't read himself. These moments of the day were Ivar's favourite, since he had harboured a deep fascination with beasts since the days his caretaker would regale him with tales of dragons and child-robbing trolls. He eagerly listened to everything the librarian said, with the exception of one thing: their constant assertment that beasts hated humanity. Somehow, he found that hard to believe.

Ivar never attended the local school but was instead taught at home by his caretaker. She did her best, but ultimately she wasn't the best teacher, and Ivar had his mind on other things. At the age of 9 he came upon a newly hatched and screeching gryphon in a deep part of the woods. He was bewildered and awed, as gryphons are not native to his part of the land and rarely sighted even in other places. Being the excitable kid he was, he wanted to tell someone about it, but realised doing so would bring dire consequences for the hatchling. He decided to take care of it as he didn't want to leave it behind.

Though he didn't know the first thing about taking care of a magical creature, he managed and did his best. He kept her hidden from the other villagers and would sneak away now and then to meet her, eventually naming her "Shortwing". She would crawl into his clothes and her favourite perch was his head, as she could not only follow him wherever he went but also see and hear everything from a good vantage point.

They played together in secret until she eventually grew too big to successfully remain hidden. After almost getting found out by a villager, Ivar feared the secret was out. He decided to leave Solstice Village together with Shortwing, who had grown big enough to be able to carry him (albeit clumsily). He took farewell of his human friend one early morning, who gave him her star pendant as a parting gift, and left his home to fly out into the wide world. Now he travels together with Shortwing... along with a strange assortment of other beasts.

Fears: A lot of things that should frighten Ivar don't. However, he's far from fearless. Even if he likes magical creatures, he's a little bit afraid of strange ones deep down. After all, he wouldn't stand much of a chance if he accidentally angered one. If a beast shows signs of turning violent, he'll quickly hightail it out of there. He likes to hide behind Shortwing when things do get rough, as few are willing to face a protective gryphon head-on. If hit or grabbed, he'll tense up and prepare himself for a beatdown, though he might bite his assailant if he gets the chance.

What he fears most of all is that Shortwing will get hurt because of a mistake of his, such as accidentally revealing her existance to the wrong person or her getting hurt trying to protect him.

Enjoys: Hearing a good story, being hugged by large people or creatures and the smell of sheep, as it reminds him of home. He likes physical closeness with people he knows and will gladly hug others at any time, they merely have to ask. They might not want to, though. He smells like sheep and dirt.


  • An uneven star pendant made by his childhood friend. It was given to him the morning he left his village. Though it is a bit chipped and not very well carved out, Ivar treasures it all the same. It is tied into a necklace by a leather cord.
  • A wooden bowl and a cup. He eats from these and washes them in rivers when he's not near any settlement.
  • A bandage roll. Comes in handy when either Ivar or Shortwing get injured, which happens surprisingly often. The world is a dangerous place. That said, Ivar isn't a healer and only knows how to tie a bandage and clean a wound; if someone got very injured, they would have to seek help.
  • A glass bottle filled with water. Ivar refills this whenever he finds a clean body of water, and always tries to have at least half a bottle full with him at all times. Sometimes he runs out, but Shortwing usually manages to find a stream before too long.
  • Flint and steel. Used to make fire together with amadou and other flammable material.
  • A sketchbook and a coal pencil. Ivar likes drawing, though he's not particularly good at it. His favourite subjects to draw are animals and beasts. Additionally, he likes painting and often gathers berries or leaves from the forest and mixes them into pastes to create new colours.
  • Dried meat in a pouch tied to his belt. He rips off chunks of meat from carcasses that Shortwing leaves behind and dries them to give them as snacks to her later. A stubborn gryphon can be made cooperative with a bit of bribery... In truth, Shortwing is smart enough to understand the reason behind his suggestions (being a highly intelligent gryphon and all), but why pass on a treat?
  • Due to his interrupted education, Ivar barely knows how to read. He's not compltely hopeless, but reading even a simple text takes him time and he's often too embarrassed about this inability to make any attempt. If questioned as to why he asks others to read for him, he'll make excuses such as "my eyes are tired" or "a toad cursed me once, so I'm not allowed to read for the next 3 years or I'll turn into a snail".

Odds and ends:

  • Ivar is small enough to be able to crawl all over Shortwing, something which proves to be advantageous when he gives her pets and scritches - there is no place he cannot reach. These moments of petting occasionally spiral into playful wrestling matches.
  • ... Of course, Shortwing is much stronger than Ivar is, which often leads to Ivar getting hurt. He has several scars on his body, most notably on his back, sides and upper arms, all gotten from playing with her. Some are small, others a bit longer and deeper. Naturally, they are accidents, as Shortwing would never deliberately injure her friend, but she often gets careless with her talons. These scars seem to catch people by surprise, but Ivar is quick to explain that he did not get them in real fights.
  • He never removes his star pendant except for to bathe (as he doesn't want the wood to rot). If he did take it off, he'd probably lose it, which would devastate him since it's the only reminder he has of his childhood friend aside from his memories.
  • He used to call Shortwing "Lillan" when she was very small. Nowadays, Shortwing thinks he's the small one and refers to him accordingly.
  • Ivar's favourite possession back home was a fauna book - it was actually the only book he owned, aside from his sketchbook. It was full of pictures of animals (and the occasional beast, though they were always portrayed as violent savages, something Ivar didn't put much stock into). Though he couldn't read very well (and still cannot), he would thumb through the book now and then and look at the pictures. He left the book behind when he departed from his village.
  • Ivar is left-handed.

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