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Jayden North


24 July 2017 at 17:19:22 MDT

Jayden North
6ft 8 - 100 feet
280 - 820,000 pounds
Evolutionary Human

Superhero Character Profile

Alias: Tyranisus

Legal Name: Jayden North

Morality: Neutral Good

Inspiration: No Inspiration


Gender: Male

Age: Currently 26

Sexual Orientation: Hetroflexible

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Height: 6 ft 8 - 100 feet

Weight: 280 - 820,000 pounds

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Type: Thick

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: White

Race/Species: Evolutionary Human

Nationality: Half South African, Half Irish.

Voice: Jason O'Mara

Distinguishing Features: Very large tall build.

Costume: Green Coat, Black Pants, Green boots.

Powers and Abilities


Size Alteration: Tyranisus can not only change his size, growing up to 100 feet, but he can also morph his body into dinosaur like features,or if he wants to, he can morph his entire body into a dinosaur, he has been known to comebine dinosaur abilities to increase combat effectiveness, however, the more of his power he uses the more strain on his body.

Super Strength: Tyranisus in his base form he can lift approximently 60 tons, and stike with the force of 140 tons or the equivilent of a small missle, however, when Tyranisus grows in size so does his strength, he is able to grow to 100 feet, at this stage he can lift around 100,000 tons and strike at 250,000

Peak Human Speed: Tyranisus can move at the peak of human potential without any genetic enhancement.

Superhuman Durability: Tyranisus at his base has shruged off C4's like boiling water and tanked powerful bombs, the bigger he gets the more durable.

Kaiju Form: Remember when I told you Tyranisus can mix Dinosaur abilities? What happens if he mixes to much? He becomes a 300 foot Kaiju who can move at the speed of sound and obliberate large moons and small planets.

Power Limitations: As recently stated, the more power Jayden uses, the more strain piles up, when and if he goes into his Kaiju Form, his body destroys itself, and takes weeks to heal.

Abilities: Basic Kung Fu Wing Chun knowledge as well as intermediate Muay Thai and Karate training.

Weapons: Bare fist, claws, fangs, tails etc.

Gadgets/Tech: N//A

Physical Weaknesses: Physical exhaustion.

Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: To serious at times.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Serious, cool, calm, calculated, Very compasionate, he is a perfect student in disipline regards.

Likes: Space, cars, mythology and exercise.

Dislikes: Bullies, Tax and Pineapple on Pizza.

Habits/Quirks: Doesn't get sarcasm.

Fears: Going overboard.

Motivation: His team, and human rights.

Family: Dave North (Father) Maria North (Mother)

Romantic Interests: No current romantic interest.

Allies: Meltdown, Lionman, Stonewall, Anarcist, Ultravox.

Rivals: Meltdown

Enemies: Jurrasic and Exodius

Additional Info:

Jayden is 1/4th African, and has witnessed racial discrimination, his mother and him have been insulted and beaten on many occasion, his father, Dave is a drunk, who beat Jayden every other day, until Jayden's powers surfaced in puberty when he literally threw his father 10 meters through a room and smashed him through a wall.

Daniel noticed this and recruited Jayden onto his team promising all charges would be dropped, his father would be put away, and his mother would live a safe life moving forward.

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