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Nikon Raccoon (Android) by nikon

Nikon Raccoon (Android)


Nikon Raccoon (Android)
None (feminine leaning)
6 inches (15 cm)
2 lbs
Draccoon Bot

Chassis Color: Electric Blue and Deep Sapphire Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blue (Sapphire)
Eye Color: Vivid Blue
Height: 6 inches
Feet: Plantigrade
Distinguishing features: Glasses, Camera, on left thigh MicroSD slot above a MicroUSB charging port.
Clothing: Please! Blue dresses or a jean skirt and blue shirt (with some logo on it, default “Draccoon Inside.”)
Jewelry: Pierced ears, pokeball masterball necklace.

Please remember to draw me with clothes.

Muck Description: The little six inch tall draccoon bot beeps up at you. Ey are covered in shiny metal and plastic casing. A cute midnight blue nose is at the end of eir smooth muzzle. A dark mask molded into the metal and plastic. A pair of rounded rectangular glasses perch on eir muzzle in front of eir eyes. Ey has two rounded, triangular ears atop eir head, and right behind them, a pair of blue curved horns, growing back. Faux blue headfur flows around eir ears and horns falling to the middle of eir back. On eir back is a pair of sapphire blue metallic dragon wings. At the base of each wing, is a small anti-grav lifters. On each of eir shoulders, and each hip is a small clear hardlight emitter, allowing em to be covered in fur at a thought. Ey has a dark blue, on light blue ringed tail behind eir. There is a small micro SD port on eir left thigh, and a microUSB under it. Ey stands on two draconic 3-clawed feet surmounted by plantigrade legs.
Ey has on a shirt that says “Draccoon Inside” and jean skirt (the easier to plug in cables).

Likes: The small side of things, and good old photography, as I am usually shown with my Nikon N80 or D200. To show what it would be like to be a six inch tall person in a world built for those much, much larger. Also with a big of good, fun transformation tossed in for flavor, those magical flashes are so much fun. Please draw me with clothes on.

Note, colors have changed slightly from Ref.
Detailed colors:
Hair: Sapphire - Hex #082567, RGB (8, 37, 103)
Body: Electric Blue - Hex #2C75FF, RGB (44, 117, 255)
Rings, Mask, hands and arm up to forearm, feet and up to fore-calf: Hex #1035A7, RGB (16,53,167)
Front (under chin, down front to between legs, but not on thighs): Hex #90B4FF, RGB (144,180,255)
Eyes, Hardlight emitter: Hex #00D5FF, RGB (0,213,255), glowing effect.
Nose, Claws, Horns: Deep cobalt blue - Hex #001b4c, RGB (0, 27, 76)
Inside of ears: Metallic Grayish cornflower blue - Hex #86a1b3, RGB (134, 161,179)

Please remember to draw me with clothes.

Art by farorenightclaw

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