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The 496th Silverbolt

17 June 2017 at 21:24:36 MDT

Tiger(Sort of...)

(Reuploaded from DA)

May 2017 update: After months of not updating this guy's reference sheet, I finally decided to just upload a sketch of a design that I hope I'll stick to for a longer period of time. It certainly seems like I will, as I've done at least several drawings with this design in mind rather than the one I originally uploaded.

That said, here's to hoping that I'll give this guy a proper reference sheet like my other characters soon. I'd hate to just let this adopted design go completely wasted and unused.

(Older information before)

So I actually made this reference sheet some weeks ago, but I wanted to have at least some background information about this character first before posting this reference sheet.

The original design was made by mochadachs from DA.

With that being said, here's the information I have of this character thus far.

He was given no name at birth, largely due to his parents not learning to communicate in a more human-esque way. For whatever reason, he seems to respond to being called Oliver, implying that something else called him this until he instinctively responded to it on occassion. It takes time for the creature to actually respond to such a name due to his territorial nature, not necessarily due to hearing problems.

The bite mark on his tail came from a nearly death-costing encounter with a shark that he had several months ago. It was when this happened that he first met Xander, the one who unintentionally saved him by killing the shark going after him.

Like many tigers, his diet is carnivorous in nature. It mostly consists of fishes smaller than him. However, predators, even those that may be larger than him, may also be consumed depending on how hungry he is.

He's very territorial, often attacking others that are coming towards where he lived unprovoked, especially if he is hunting. As a result of this very territorial behavior, he is a pretty lonely creature, having very few friends, if any at all, at a time. At most, he usually tolerates other creatures.

Please do not use this drawing without my explicit permisson to do so. RP character purposes are definitely not permitted.

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